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The interviewer, Moufid Fawzy, spoke in a telephone conversation with Ingie Ali on the “Nujoom Secrets” program via Nujoom FM, about his admiration for the actor Mohamed Tharwat.

Moufid Fawzi explained that he knew the name Muhammad Tharwat as a singer whose voice would enjoy the audience, but he recently discovered, by chance, the talent of comedian Mohamed Tharwat, and he liked him in the film “World War III” and then followed in the films “A Day of No Critical”, “Raghda Savage” and “Al-Kwissin” .

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He added that what he liked most about Mohamed Tharwat’s performance was his spontaneity in presenting comedy, and if he maintained this spontaneity, he would become the forefront of comedy stars.

Engy Ali confirmed that she had hosted Mohamed Tharwat in a previous episode of her program, and she was surprised when he told her that he wishes to meet Moufid Fawzy in order to try to make him laugh because he does not laugh in his programs.

Mofid Fawzi praised Muhammad Tharwat’s remark, stressing that he does not laugh and takes difficult interlocutors with his guests, asks difficult questions, and considers them as an attempt to uncover what his guests hide, and he talked about the praises he received from some writers because of his way of asking questions.

He continued that some broadcasters host Mohamed Tharwat and ask him irrational questions such as “What do you think about the film you presented?”, While the correct question must be about the aesthetics that were able to affect him and incite him in order for the character to live, noting that he considers the silence of his guests as tantamount to Willing to divulge secrets.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Tharwat is participating in the heroes of the series “The Game: Level Al-Wahsh”, currently shown on the Shahid VIP platform, a story, scenario and dialogue by Ahmed Saad Wali, Mohamed Salah Khattab, Ibrahim Saber, general supervision of writing Fadi Abu Al-Saud, directed by Moataz Al-Tuni, and participating in the tournament Sheiko, Hisham Majed, Ahmed Fathy, Mai Kassab, Mirna Jamil, Sami Maghawri, Arifa Abdel Rasoul, Muhammad Utaka, Yasser Al-Tobji, Hussam Dagher, Ismail Farghali and Rania Youssef.

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