Videos | Raimontada is crazy .. Barcelona defeat Granada by five and qualify for the semi-finals of the King’s Cup


The Catalan team was a guest to Granada in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals, at the “Nuevo Los Carmenes” stadium.

Kennedy scored Granadas first goal in the 33rd minute after a fatal mistake by Umtiti, who was trying to get out of the ball, and Soro succeeded in cutting the pass and passed to score Kennedy.

Soldado then added the second goal for Granada in the 47th minute with the start of the second half, after the arrival of a long pass to him to go and Umtiti was unable to catch him and with Ter Stegen’s exit, Soldado hit the net.

By the 88th minute, Antoine Griezmann scored Barcelonas first goal, following a mistake by Aaron Escandel.

Barcelona and Granada match goals

Then Jordi Alba scored the equalizer for Barcelona in a fought in the second minute of stoppage time.

The match is heading for additional games, and in the 100th minute Antoine Griezmann managed to score his second and third goals for Barcelona, ​​from a header after the ball reached him from Jordi Alba.

Then the referee awarded a penalty kick to Granada, after returning to the mouse technique, and it became clear that there was a mistake from Dest on Niva, and Fedo Fico succeeded in striking it to score the third goal against Barcelona in the 103rd minute.

Then, Frenkie de Jong managed to score the fourth goal of the Blaugrana in the 108th minute, after a pass from Messi.

Jordi Alba came back and scored his second goal and fifth for Barca in the 113th minute.

The match was decided by Barcelonas victory over Granada (5-3) to qualify for the semi-finals of the King’s Cup.

Granadas first goal against Barcelona

Granadas second goal against Barcelona

Griezmann goal in the Barcelona and Granada match

The goal of Jordi Alba in the Barcelona and Granada match

Griezmann’s second goal in the Barcelona and Granada match

Fico goal from the penalty spot in the Barcelona-Granada match

De Jong’s goal in the Barcelona and Granada match

Jordi Albas second goal in the Barcelona and Granada match

Granada goalkeeper shines and saves his team from a goal scored by Barcelona

Granada goalkeeper prevents a superb goal by Messi from a free kick

The crossbar deprives Trincao of scoring a great goal for Barcelona against Granada

Granada goalkeeper deprives Griezmann from scoring a fabulous goal

The post deprives Messi of scoring a goal against Granada

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