Warning: twice infection with Corona “is more common than we imagine”


The warning comes after evidence emerged of a man who contracted the virus twice in 4 months, without symptoms and serial negative tests for the virus.

Doctors say the first acute infection is a virus Corona Milder symptoms may follow the second time around.

It is worth noting that very few cases of the virus have been reported twice, according to the British Sky News website.

Previous studies have indicated the possibility of re-infection, but they tend to indicate that people generally have had some immunity for more than 4 months.

Experts who shed light on the case in BMJ Case Reports say that it is unclear until now whether this is in fact a continuation of the first infection with the virus, rather than a new infection with the real infection.

The authors of the peer-reviewed study say: “With the development of an epidemic Covid-19Emerging reports have shown that a resumption of infection with the new Coronavirus is possible.

They stressed the importance of further studies, noting that future observations will certainly shed more light on this, if this hypothesis is proven correct.

The experts pointed out that “the role of the presence or absence of antibodies after the initial infection in survivors of HIV infection has not been determined, and their role in reducing the risk of infection again with Covid-19. However, it is reasonable that this decline in immunity or absence Antibodies After the first episode of corona infection, it may make a person more vulnerable to infection again.

Case study

The case highlighted by the authors includes a man in his forties, who was hospitalized with a mild infection from Covid-19, 4 months after a severe initial episode of the disease in April 2020.

And the patient had a disease Diabetes Type 2 is well controlled and has an underactive thyroid gland, as well ObesityThey are known risk factors for severe infection with COVID-19.

When he was first injured, he was hospitalized with breathing difficulties and severe wheezing caused by disrupted airflow to The lungs.

And it failed Respiratory systemAnd it requires mechanical ventilation by means of a ventilator, in addition to blood thinners, along with many other drugs used to treat Covid-19.

During his two-month stay in the hospital, he developed a set of serious complications before his condition was stabilized and he was discharged to the acute care facility for rehabilitation.

In the second case, in August 2020, he tested positive for the Coronavirus, after 4 negative tests during the previous three months, and he remained in the hospital for only one day.

Then he was transferred to hospital again two weeks later, and stayed there for another week.

Second injury or disease persistence?

The authors suggested that positive test results, separated by several months, may be due to re-infection with the virus, but they added that milder symptoms the second time could be the result of remaining immunity from the first severe infection.

Danny Altman, professor, said Immunology At Imperial College London, he told Sky News that while there were only 100 confirmed cases worldwide of reinfection, his conversations with doctors indicated that it was “more common than we imagined.”

“Re-infection can happen to some extent,” he added.

Altman said that although the second episodes of the disease may be less severe, due to the remaining antibodies, a new study conducted in Brazil has provided worrying evidence to the contrary.

He said that the research found that 30 health care workers in the same center had contracted the virus for the second time, which represents an infection rate of 7 percent, and that they were suffering from symptoms worse than during the first infection.

He said: “One of those who contracted the virus moderately the first time, died the second time.”

He added that it was difficult to know whether such cases were the result of mutated variants of the disease, or if those infected the first time did not develop antibodies.

And a report issued by Public Health England, published in January, showed that antibodies from previous Corona virus infection provide 83 percent protection for at least 5 months.

However, researchers found 44 possible cases of COVID-19 among 6,614 participants who showed evidence of previous infection.

Another study, which included 1,700 people, indicated that up to 88 percent of people still have antibodies in their blood to fight the Corona virus 6 months after infection with the virus.

“Although we cannot be sure how the presence of the antibodies relates to immunity, the results indicate that people can be protected from subsequent infection for at least 6 months after natural infection,” said chief English biobank scientist Naomi Allen.

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