Watch Shikabala with Saif Al-Jazeeri and Marwan Hamdy: Welcome to the family


The leader of the Zamalek Club, Shikabala, welcomed the team’s new deals that were concluded yesterday, through a picture on his official account on the “Instagram” website, which included the duo Marwan Hamdy, the former clearance striker, and Saif Al-Jaziri after joining the contractor team, where the pair appeared next to him and wrote: “Welcome. in the family”.

Shikabala with Marwan Hamdy and Saif Al-Jaziri

On the other hand, it was confirmed that Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala and Hamza Mathlouthi, the players of Zamalek, were absent from the next Al-Mahalla match in the eleventh round of the league; Due to the injury, Shikabala suffers from back pain, while the Triangle suffers from a ligament in the knee’s inner ligament.

The absence of the duo, Marwan Hamdi, coming from the clearing house, and Ayman Hefni, who joined in a free transfer deal, was also confirmed, as was Seif al-Din al-Jaziri, who came from the contractors. For lack of technical readiness.

On the other hand, Zamalek club officials registered Ayman Hefni, Marawan Hamdi, Hussein Faisal, Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed and Sayed Attia on the African list, after the end of the registration period and the success of Zamalek in contracting with Ayman Hefni and Marwan Hamdi, while Saif El-Din Al-Jaziri was not registered in the list of contractors African Arabs, participated in the African Confederation this season.

Omar Al-Saeed, the Zamalek striker, also completed his transfer procedures to El Gouna club, and the transfer contracts were signed on a 6-month loan basis, in the presence of Major General Counselor Emad Abdel Aziz, President of Zamalek, and Hossam El-Zanati, Sports Director of the El Gouna Team.

The seventh day had just announced that Omar Saeed had officially transferred to the El Gouna team on loan for a period of 6 months, beginning in January, and the Zamalek administration agreed to the offer made by El Gouna to borrow Omar Saeed, hours before the registration door closed.

Zamalek dispensed with the services of Omar Al-Saeed, after contracting with Marwan Hamdy and Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri. To compensate for the departure of Mustafa Muhammad, who transferred to the ranks of Galatasaray al-Turki for a season and a half, on loan.

On the other hand, the Portuguese Pacheco held a session with Ayman Hafni, the Zamalek playmaker, on the sidelines of the group training session today, and the Portuguese coach assured the player of his agreement to his return to the team due to his full conviction of his technical and physical capabilities and not to honor him and end his career with Zamalek, and Pacheco told Ayman Hefna that he fully trusts his abilities and capabilities. Technical, and that he will have a role with the team during the next stage, calling on the player to make double efforts in his qualifying program to quickly prepare him as a fat person to be ready to participate in matches normally during the coming period.

Ayman Hefni assured Pacheco that he would do his best to gain the confidence of the technical staff of Zamalek, and questioning whether or not participation is a matter for the coach alone, stressing that he is not required to participate in the matches, and that he is under the team’s order, whether inside or outside the stadium.


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