Watch..the Federation of Alexandria quartet in the Egyptian clearing house in the league


The Al-Ittihad Alexandria team, led by Hossam Hassan, succeeded in achieving a landslide victory over its host Egypt Al-Maqsah by four without a response in the meeting held at Othman Ahmed Othman Stadium in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar in the postponed match of the ninth round of the Premier League competition, the goals of the head of the gap scored by Romario Williams in the 19th minute Mohamed Al-Sabahi added the second goal in the 48th minute, then Razak Cisse scored the third and fourth goals in the 75th and 87th minute.

With this victory, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria rises to the tenth place in the league table with 11 points, after playing 7 games, winning three games, drawing two matches and losing the same, and its players scored ten goals and received their nets, and still has three games postponed, while the balance of the clearing Egypt is frozen at the eighth place with 13 points After playing 10 matches, he won 4, drew in a game, lost 5 matches, and his players scored 11 goals and conceded 17 goals.

Thus, the master of the country returns to the track of victories after losing from El Gouna with two goals without a response in his last appearance in the competition in the seventh round, while Al-Maqsas receives the second successive defeat and also four in four after losing to Zamalek 4-1 in the previous round of the tournament.

The match started with a fight between the players of the two teams in the middle of the field, and the eighth minute saw Romario Williams enter the penalty area skillfully and dodged more than one defender, but the defenders of the clearing succeeded in cutting the ball and dispersing it away from the danger zone.

In the 19th minute, Mohamed Al-Sabahi received the ball to the left of the penalty area and then passed the ball to Romario Williams, who is free of supervision in front of the goal, and the latter hit the ball strongly, and it collided with goalkeeper Mahmoud Hamdy and settled in the net.

In the 24th minute, the ball was sent inside the penalty area and the defense was dispersed with the clearing players demanding a penalty kick due to the presence of a handball on the opponent, after the match referee Ahmed Al-Adawi returned to the video technology, a penalty kick was awarded due to a handball on Ahmed Hajji from inside the penalty area, in the name of Morsi paid The ball from the penalty point, but passed next to the right post, outside the stadium, to end the first half, with the leader of the gap leading by a goal without response.

With the start of the second half, specifically in the 48th minute, Romario Williams received the ball inside the penalty area on the right, then sent a cross pass that Muhammad Al-Sabahi pounced on with a more than wonderful move in front of the goal and shot it before the defender into the net to announce the second goal of the leader of the gap.

In the 75th minute, Cisse passed the ball to Ammar Hamdy inside the penalty area on the right, to pass it again with the heel of Cisse inside the penalty area, and the latter hit a creeping ball to the left of goalkeeper Mahmoud Hamdy announcing the third goal of the leader of the gap, and in the 87th minute Razak Cisse received a cross pass from the player Ahmed Rashid Behind the defenders, then deflected goalkeeper Mahmoud Hamdi brilliantly and hit the ball into the empty goal to add the fourth goal of the federation and the second for him, so that the referee blew his whistle announcing the victory of the leader of the gap by four without a response.

The set-off started the match with a formation consisting of: “Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Hamdi, Defense: Mohamed Desouki, Osama Al-Azab, Ahmed Muteab and Ahmed Sabiha, Midfielders: Khaled Ocho, Abdullah Majdi, Mohamed Adel“ Amo ”and Schmiles Bikley, Attack: Basem Morsi and Paulin Fawafi

The Alexandrian Union began the meeting by forming a component of: “Goalkeepers: Mohamed Sobhy, the defense line: Damion Lewi – Karim El Deeb – Marwan Attia – Mr. Salem, the midfield: Khaled Al-Ghandour – Abdel Ghani Muhammad – Ammar Hamdy – Muhammad Al-Sabahi – Ahmed Haji, line Attack: Romario. “

The objectives of the Alexandria Union in the clearing Egypt


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