Watch .. Zafer Al-Abidin talks about his mother days after her departure


Days after the death of his mother, the Tunisian actor published Zafer El Abidine On his account on Instagram, a video clip in which he talks about his mother and commented on him, saying, “Dear God, have mercy on you.”
The video published by the Tunisian actor is taken from a speech he gave during his participation in the Tunis Forum for Gender Equality in 2019.
In the video, Dhafer Al-Abidin said, “I want to talk to you about a woman born in the forties of the last century who married Aoun Security. Both belonged to a modest family … She accompanied her husband on all his travels due to his work and took care of her five children and one of them was suffering from a chronic disease .. She could not read and write … She worked as a seamstress to help her family and sometimes she would wake up at 6 in the morning and only sleep at three in the morning … She sold her jewelery in order to provide for what her children needed … At some point she had cancer and was cured … However, she did not complain or complain about her reality … This lady is my mother and thanks to her, and thanks to the principles that I learned from her, I would not be what I am today. ”

He gave the award to his mother and sister, who suffered from cancer

Zafer Al-Abidin and his mother
Zafer Al-Abidin and his mother

And the mother of Zafer al-Abidin “Aziza” died last Saturday.
Zafer al-Abidin announced the news through his account in “Instagram”, and published a picture of his late mother, and wrote: “For God, my dear mother, Aziza, passed away at dawn today.”
And Zafer added, “We want to bash you with a bash, I want to save you from your glory, kindness and love to my beloved (which does not end). We love you. May God have mercy on you.”
The Tunisian actor had previously spoken about his mother’s illness when he was crowned the “Best Arab Actor in Egyptian Drama” award at the “Murex D’or” awards ceremony in 2018 after his participation in the “Sweetness of Spirit” series, which met with great success and was shared by the Tunisian starring Hend Sabry.
Al-Abidin presented the award to his mother and sister, who suffered from cancer.
Al-Abidin said at the time that he accepted work on the series, because of the difficult experience they went through.

He often spoke about his relationship with his mother in his conversations

In a recent interview with the program et Arabic, Zafer Al-Abidine said after completing the filming of the second part of the series “The Bride of Beirut” that his relationship with his mother is different from his relationship with Laila Daher in the series. His mother respects his choices and gives him the space to have his personal dreams.
Zafer al-Abidin often spoke in his personal conversations about his relationship with his mother, stressing that she compensated for the absence of his deceased father, which had a great impact on his life.
Zafer said that his mother’s relationship with his British wife is very good, and they are in harmony, although they do not speak a common language.

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