“We are better than the Companions.” Why did Ramadan Abdul-Muizz stir controversy? (Video)


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Sheikh Ramadan Abdul-Muizz sparked widespread controversy with his recent statements on a television program, as he said that Muslims are now better than the Companions, based on the hadith of our Master Muhammad, that “the reward of one of them is 50 companions”, because the Companions were close to the Holy Prophet and he supported and guided them .

“Abdul-Moez” added, during his interview on DMC, that “we commit a crime against ourselves by abandoning the Holy Quran.”

He explained that the Holy Qur’an contains the best of the world and the Hereafter, and it is the most truthful saying that it is revealed by God, the Exalted, and we have to contemplate it, as it contains blessing, goodness, guidance, mercy, and healing.

Sheikh Ramadan Abdul Muizz, the Islamic preacher, revealed the best call that a Muslim calls to his Muslim brother, which is “Our Lord is pleased with you.”

Abd al-Muizz said, “If God is pleased with a servant, he is pleased with his worldly matter and the matter of another, then God Almighty says,“ May God be pleased with the believers when they swear to you under the tree. ”He will do what is wrong with them.

He added that the Companions pledged allegiance to the Prophet in the pledge of allegiance to Al-Radwan, and it was called that because of the abundance of satisfaction in it, because God was pleased with them in this pledge, and the time of this pledge was a time of grief for the Companions because they were prevented from entering Makkah.

He pointed out that we have to think well of God, because the gifts are on the board of misfortune and hardship comes with him at least two ease, and know that victory is with patience and that relief is with anguish, noting that it is necessary for distress to occur in order for us to have relief.

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