We brought you the events of Episode 27 of the Louloua series by Mai Omar


The Pearl series is still of interest to many fans of drama and series, as the series has succeeded in attracting a large segment of the audience since the beginning of its presentation on the ON channel.

Events of the series Pearl Episode 27:

The actress, “Mai Omar”, the heroine of the series, expressed her anger at her husband, who plays the artist “Ahmed Zahir,” and asked him to divorce so that he would beat her.

The artist, “Mai Omar” Pearl, asks the artist, “Edward”, embodying the role of Magdy, to help her take off Tariq after his actions with her, explaining that he will not forgive him again, trying to calm her down, but she does not respond and informing him that she will go out on Facebook through “Live” infused with Tariq. Magdy rejected that act, explaining to her that she would lose her audience.

Dates of the Lolo`a series:

Loulou’a will be shown on the On and On Drama channels, on the following dates

The series premiere on the on channel at 7:45 pm, while the replay is at 2 am.

It is shown on the ON Drama channel at 10 pm, and the first replay is at 5 am, and the second at 3 pm.

ON channel frequency:

1- Frequency: 10853

2- Coding factor: 27500

3- Polarization: Horizontal h

4- Error correction factor: 5/6

The events of the Pearl series:

The story of the Lu’lu` series revolves around 40 episodes, in a dramatic social context, the first absolute starring of the artist Mai Omar, the artist Ahmed Zahir, Nermin Al-Feki, Naglaa Badr, Salwa Othman, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Edward, Hedy Karam, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Emad Ziada and Hamdi Heikal And dreams of Al-Gretli, and Mohamed Mahran.

The series is the story of “Mai Omar,” which is from the script and dialogue of “Muhammad Mahran,” directed by “Muhammad Abd al-Salam,” and supervised by “Muhammad Sami”.


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