What did Turkish newspapers say about Mustafa Muhammad’s first appearance with Galatasaray?


10:05 AM

Wednesday 03 February 2021

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

Today, Wednesday, Turkish newspapers highlighted the first appearance of Mustafa Muhammad in the shirt of his new team, Galata Saray, especially after the Egyptian professional scored a goal in the ranks of Istanbul Basaksehir in the accounts of the 23rd week of the Turkish league.

Mustafa Mohamed appeared with Galata Saray starting from the 46th minute, after coach Fatih Terim decided to leave the player Arda Turan in exchange for paying the newcomer in an attempt to activate the offensive side, which was achieved through the former Zamalek player scoring his first goal from a penalty kick moments before the end of the match.

Mustafa Muhammad had transferred to the Galatasaray ranks on loan a few days ago during the winter transfer period, with the presence of an item allowing the Turkish club to obtain the player permanently.

“Masrawy” reviews the most prominent comments in Turkish newspapers about Mustafa Muhammad’s appearance with Galatasaray:

– “Galatasaray wins”

The newspaper “Al-Sabah” commented on the appearance of Mustafa Mohamed in the Galatasaray jersey, which saw the young Egyptian star score a goal against Istanbul, Basaksehir.

The newspaper wrote, that the Galatasaray team won in the end after the arrival of Mustafa Muhammad, who was able to record his first goal in the “yellow and red” shirt.

The newspaper pointed out that the appearance of Mustafa Mohamed brought to mind what was presented by the Colombian star Radamel Falcao, who was also able to score against Qasim Pasha in the first match in September 2019.

– “addition”

The title of the Turkish newspaper “Al-Hurriya”, with the appearance of Mustafa Muhammad the first, was “addition” in an indication that the Egyptian player had only waited one round to score, as he was paid at the beginning of the second half.

And the newspaper added, that the 23-year-old did not wait long to enter the atmosphere of the Galatasaray team, despite joining the team’s training hours after coming from Zamalek.

The newspaper highlighted that the star of the team, Arda Turan, welcomed Mustafa Mohamed after the Turkish team star posted a picture with the former goal scorer Zamalek on the social networking site “Instagram”.

– “Beginning with a goal”

“Fanatik” newspaper reported that Mustafa Mohamed imposed himself in the formation of coach Fatih Tarim after the player started his career with Galatasaray, scoring in the box of Basaksehir in the 92nd minute.

The newspaper said that the 23-year-old was paid for the first time in the 46th minute of the second half, but he managed to score from a penalty kick to write his first goal with his new team.

The newspaper pointed out that Mustafa Muhammad’s beginning made the Turkish administration in a privileged position due to the presence of a clause that allows the club to obtain Zamalek’s top scorer permanently after coming on loan.


The newspaper “fotomac” praised the level shown by Mustafa Mohamed in his new team’s Galatasaray jersey, describing the player as “talented”.

The newspaper praised the former goal of Zamalek, saying that the player would strengthen the offensive side in the coach’s battalion, Fatih Tarim, especially after the departure of Senegalese striker Mbaye Diane on loan to West Bromwich.

The newspaper added that Mustafa Mohamed will be the important paper for Fateh Tarim, especially since the latter was the one who requested the player to support the attack in the coming period.


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