What is the BlastDoor security feature in iMessage?


The iMessage application from Apple is one of the most prominent instant messaging applications among users, as it provides advanced features to improve the communication experience, but Apple has added a new feature to the application in the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 that will protect the content of messages more safely, namely BlastDoor feature.

What is the BlastDoor feature

This technology was developed to address a security vulnerability that appeared at the end of 2020, as this feature decrypts the contents of all incoming messages and checks them in an isolated environment, downloads attachments through a separate service and deals with links to websites, thus ensuring that a malicious program does not infiltrate the operating system.

BlastDoor will scan all incoming messages through the iMessage app – be it text, links, or files – in a secure and sandboxed environment, preventing any malicious code within the message from interacting with the rest of the operating system or accessing user data.

Activate the BlastDoor feature

The feature does not require any prior settings or permission and will run in the background automatically without user intervention to keep it safe when using the iMessage app.


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