What is the secret of Umm Kulthum’s disease, which forced her to wear black glasses? Fikrun and Art – Stars and Celebrities


Today passes the anniversary of the departure of the planet of the East, “Umm Kulthum”, who left our world on this day on February 3 of 1975 AD, and who is considered an icon of rapture in the Arab world, and her artistic life was full of distinguished works where she began singing as a little girl with her father at birthdays and weddings In 1922 she moved to Cairo and built her first musical instrument in 1926.

On this occasion, Dr. Osama Hamdy, Professor of Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology at Harvard University, confirmed that the artist Umm Kulthum was suffering from Graves’ disease, which leads to hyperthyroidism.

Hamdi said, in statements published in the newspaper “Al-Youm Al-Sabea”, that the most important symptoms of this disease are goiter and exophthalmos, which is an immune disease that has no clear cause. Eyes by surgery or neck enlargement, indicating that there has been a great development in the method of treatment and surgery, stressing that immune diseases do not have decisive treatments.

Dr. Osama Hamdi confirmed that Umm Kulthum was suffering from hyperthyroidism, which is Graves’ disease, and this was the reason for wearing black glasses, because one of the symptoms of this disease is “bulging eyes”, eyelids drooping and discomfort from the lights, stressing that this disease is an immune disease, and its time There was no treatment except through surgery, explaining that Umm Kulthum refused treatment with surgery for fear of its effect on the vocal cords.

He added that this is a fact because one of the complications of surgery is that it may lead to injury to the nerve supplying the vocal cords, losing her voice, or changing, and therefore Umm Kulthum preferred her audience to her health, and preferred to remain sick and use some simple treatments to preserve her voice and throat.

He stressed that the disease was causing her severe complications, including heart rhythm disturbances, severe insomnia, and nerve tension, and the reason was wearing black glasses because the disease caused her bulging eyes.



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