Who won the battle royale in Royal Rumble 2021?


The first monthly show of the union was held WWE In 2021, it is the Royal Rumble Show, which includes the upcoming showdown, which is the royal fight that includes 30 wrestlers from the most prominent WWE stars.

Legendary Edge was first to enter that battle, and then superstar Randy Orton entered as the two intertwined with each other.

Then the star Sami Zain entered and attacked both Edge and Orton, and then the star Mustafa Ali entered and participated with Zain in hitting Edge.

Then Jeff Hardy entered, followed by Dolph Ziggler, then Shinsuke Nakamura, and the great wrestler Carlito appeared after that to score his return to the ring after an absence.

Then Xavier Woods entered, and then Big E, the continental champion.

* Sami Zayn came out via Big E and Xavier Woods

Then John Morrison got into the ring.

* Xavier Woods came out via Mustafa Ali.

* Mustafa Ali got out via Big E.

Ricochet enters the ring, then Ellis.

Carlito left via Elais.

Then NXT superstar Damien Priest entered.

* Ellis was knocked out by Damien Priest.

Then The Miz entered and broke all the musical equipment of Bad Bunny, who had been guest-starred at the festival.

* The Miz and John Morrison came out via Damien Priest.

Then Matt Riddle entered the arena, then Daniel Brian, then the Red Monster Kane.

* Dolph Ziegler came out via Kane.

Ricochet came out via Ken.

* Kane was knocked out by Damien Priest.

Then Baron Corbyn entered the arena.

* Shinsuke Nakamura is knocked out by Baron Corbyn.

Then Otis entered the arena, then Dominic Mysterio.

* Baron Corbyn was knocked out by Dominic Mysterio.

Then Bobby Lashl entered the ring.

* Dominic Mysterio came out via Bobby Lashley.

* Damian Priest is knocked out via Bobby Lashley.

Then great wrestler Hurricane Helms entered the arena.

* Hurricane Helms came out via Big E and Bobby Lashley.

Then great wrestler Christian entered the ring.

* Bobby Lashley is knocked out by some stars and Christian.

Then IG Styles and Rey Mysterio entered the circuit.

* Big E came out via Omos Bodyguard for wrestler Styles.

Then Sheamus entered the arena.

* Rey Mysterio came out via Umos.

Then Cesaro entered the ring, then Seth Rollins, who scored his return to the wrestling ring after an absence, then the monster among the men entered Braun Strowman.

* Cesaro exited via Braun Strowman.

* Sheamus came out via Braun Strowman.

* IG Styles was knocked out by Braun Strowman.

* Daniel Bryan came out via Seth Rollins.

* Matt Riddle came out via Seth Rollins.

* Braun Strowman came out via Edge and Christian.

* Christian came out via Seth Rollins.

* Randy Orton came out via Edge.

But he returned Randy Orton To the ring because he wasn’t actually out of the fight, but was getting treatment from doctors behind the scenes for his hand injury.

Orton executed his RKO knockout on Edge, and was close to taking him out and winning the Royal Rumble confrontation, but Edge regained control and threw him over the ring, to win the Royal Rumble confrontation and the title competition at WrestleMania 37 next.

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