Why did not Egypt comment on Biden’s word?


Dr. Muhammad Al-Baz, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of “Al-Dustour” newspaper, said that US President Joe Biden delivered a speech from the US State Department headquarters yesterday, in which he talked about the pillars of American policy during his presidency.

He added during his program “Akher Al-Nahar” broadcast on “Al-Nahar” channel that Joe Biden sent messages to Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, and confirmed that he would work to defend Saudi Arabias sovereignty.

Muhammad al-Baz pointed out that Saudi Arabia, through its foreign minister, issued a series of statements commenting on Biden’s speech, as well as Russia, Germany and most of the countries that he spoke about, but Egypt did not issue any comment on his speech.

He continued, “Many people are hostile to Egypt, hoping that Biden Hiji is working as a problem for Egypt, and there is a man waiting for Jay to talk about what he will do.”

He explained that Egypt did not make any comment on Joe Biden’s speech, and dealt as if Biden had not spoken, noting that Egypt had made a great stride in its stability, and at the present time it was waiting for how Joe Biden would deal with the Egyptian administration.

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