Why did the electronic Brotherhood brigades attack the series “Choice 2”?


Social media has seen tweets and hashtags attacking the star, who has a wide audience, because of his participation in the series, which will be shown next Ramadan.

The first part of the series was shown last Ramadan, and the dramatic work documenting the heroics of an Egyptian officer in the face of terrorist groups in Sinai was widely popular.

The “Check 2” director said, Peter MimiNext Ramadan will see the broadcast of the second part of the series, and it will talk about sacrifices Egyptian police From 2013 until 2020, Mimi declined to disclose any further details.

Exposing the Brotherhood’s forgery

The Egyptian researcher in the affairs of extremist groups, Amr Farouk, confirmed in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the fear of the terrorist Brotherhood in the series “Choice 2” is due to its conviction that the scenes of this dramatic action will push towards the dismantling of its intellectual and organizational structure that it has established since Hassan Al-Banna since the thirties of the last century.

He continued: “The scenes of the (choice) drama documented the case of falsification and deception experienced by the members of the Brotherhood and armed violence organizations, and their exploitation and control over them psychologically, mentally and mentally by ignorant people under the slogans of hearing, obedience, loyalty and innocence, and (the pledge of death), and their drift towards armed action, as well as On their employment of Quranic verses and noble prophetic hadiths to serve political goals that ultimately serve the interests of external parties and elements working against the Egyptian state.

Farouk pointed out that the terrorist group, with its committees and internal sectors, has moved over the course of 90 years to attract and recruit groups of society intellectually and organizationally towards its projects in monopolizing religious discourse, guardianship of Sharia and domination of power based on the theory of (the world professor), therefore, dramatic acts that expose their lies constitute an imminent danger. On their project, to make them move that way. “

He added, “The Brotherhood depends, in building its organizational structure and departments, on emotional discourse within society to ensure penetration of state institutions and penetration into their pillars and corridors in order to adapt them in the service of the” Qutb Banu project “.

The Egyptian researcher emphasized that this speech aims mainly to “destroy loyalty to the national state in exchange for loyalty to the international idea represented by the group with its branches spread through the international organization in more than 80 Arab and European countries, clad in the cloak of religion falsely and in a falsehood, and therefore any action facing their scheme causes them to A state of severe congestion.

Then the drama of “Choice” represented a new type of battle of intellectual awareness, and he expressed his hope that “the Egyptian state will complete this path within broad and clear lines that constitute a national project that seeks to correct concepts, protect its present and future, and stop the state of religious deception and opportunism by extremist groups in all their diversity.” “.

The Brotherhood is in flux

Disclaimer Brotherhood rule at Egypt The organization is experiencing a state of confusion and an intellectual and organizational vacuum, in addition to its inability to rearrange its internal structure in light of the drying up of polarization and recruitment for new elements, especially the youth sector, which represents the strategic reserve for its survival, as a result of many factors that it has gone through over the past years, perhaps the most important of which is exposing Its scheme, revealing its misfortune, and rebellion against its concepts and literature, which affects its future and writes its end in the near future.

Free advertising

For his part, Major General Mohamed Nour, former assistant minister of interior, believes, in exclusive statements to the “Sky News Arabia” website, that the Brotherhood’s attack on the new series is free propaganda provided by the terrorist group to the Egyptian citizen, who will gather around the work to follow it after the overwhelming success it has achieved The series is in the first part.

Attack all opponents

He added, “The Brotherhood has been terrorizing everyone who disagrees with it since its inception, by carrying out a series of physical assassinations of its opponents. It is now resorting to moral terror after breaking its thorn and controlling its internal strength, and it no longer has strength except against terrorism through the electronic flies spread in more than one location.” Without any real impact on the ground.

He stressed that the terrorist group announced its death certificate in influencing citizens after its crimes over the past years were revealed.

He pointed out that the terrorists attacked the series “The Group”, written by the late Wahid Hamed and produced in the end of the era of former President Hosni Mubarak, just because he was exposed to their upbringing, and it came to attacking all the artists who participated in the work and accusing them of the worst accusations.

He emphasized that this war would motivate the artists participating in the work to present the most beautiful image to the Egyptian citizen of the officers and soldiers in the police, who yearn for themselves for the sake of the prosperity and peace of the homeland and the citizen.


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