Will Apple return the fingerprint scanner on its new phone?


It seems that “Apple” may return the fingerprint scanner to its upcoming iPhone 13, after years of working without it, as it was relying instead on Face ID, unlike the iPhone SE 2020, according to techradar.

The Wall Street Journal alleged that two former Apple employees said that the company “is working on fingerprint technology in the screen and is considering including Touch ID and Face ID on the new device together.”

According to the report, this will not only be a return to the old Touch ID fingerprint scanners, but it will also be a modern screen, in addition to Face ID.

Face ID is one of the best facial recognition methods that you will find on the phone, a feature that many people may want to continue, but it is also incomplete, as Face ID relies on face vision, which means that it does not work well in the dark, as well as if the user wears A mask or sunglasses, so a fingerprint scanner will be more convenient at these times.

According to a previous report by “Bloomberg”, the feature is under testing, but so far, most of the information received refers to Apple testing or studying the matter well, as it has not yet been decided to implement it in its next phone.

And smartphone companies often develop several different prototypes and test all sorts of technologies, which not all have been launched, as evidenced by the crowds of promising patents yet to be produced.

So Apple may decide not to use a fingerprint scanner in the screen, or delay it for a year to come, especially since it is also rumored that this year’s iPhone may be called the iPhone 12S – so named in part because it is said that it is a small upgrade, but the latest information indicates that the changes are not small .

The report mentioned that it is still too early for the possible launch in September of the iPhone 13, so there is plenty of time for more rumors in this regard.


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