Will Barcelona pay a “7 times” bidder price for diamonds?


Sources inside the Barcelona club denied the statement made by Miguel Angel Ramirez, president of Las Palmas club, who confirmed the possibility of his team obtaining 35 million euros from Barcelona in a deal to sell it to the young player Pedri.

According to the Spanish newspaper Sport, Ramirez’s talk of the terms in the contract to sell Pedri from Las Palmas to Barcelona, ​​which may lead to his team receiving an amount of up to 35 million euros, is misleading and inaccurate.

The Las Palmas president had previously told Spanish Radio Marca that his team would make a lot of money from the sale of Pedri to Barcelona, ​​which had already been made for five million euros several months ago.

The Las Palmas president said: “Everyone believes that we sold Pedri for only five million euros, but we have 10 clauses in the contract that will lead to the sum of 30 million euros or perhaps also to 35 million euros.”

For its part, Barcelona club sources confirmed to the newspaper Sport – which did not announce its identity – that what was said about the deal was unfounded, and that the maximum amount Las Palmas could receive is only 20 million euros.

It is worth noting that Pedri is one of the key elements in Barcelonas ranks this season, during which the team is carrying out the process of replacing and renewing its ranks.


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