With comics and comical mantras … Al-Ahly fans respond to Post Bayern Munich


In a sarcastic way and a comic post, Al-Ahly fans responded to the publication of the German team Bayern Munich, through which he promised his fans to achieve the six-party, where the Bavarian club wrote a short while ago in a message to its fans: “Bayern will face Al-Ahly team in the semi-finals of the World Cup for six-party clubs waiting for us guys.” .

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Dozens of Al-Ahly club fans participated in the comedic tweets and comics, where one of the tweeters commented, saying: “With your ears, Lord, if we won, let me think of the post. This is how I can wipe it,” and Ahmed wrote: “What do you mean by this dirty talk?” The old newspapers in which Al-Ahly beat Al-Barin with two goals to one goal, and commented: “If I forgot, I think of you,” another tweet: “God willing, the fourth is the greatest club in the universe.”


In his first comment by Bayern Munich, Abd Al-Ahly’s victory over Al-Duhail, he wrote: “At 8 oclock at Al-Rayyan Stadium, we will play match in the Club World Cup together.”

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Al-Ahly team won an important and precious victory over Al-Duhail, Qatar, with a clean goal, during the match that brought them together this evening, Thursday, at the Education City Stadium at the start of the two teams ’journey in the Club World Cup, which kicked off this afternoon, Thursday, and will continue until February 11th .. Hussein Al Shahat scored for Al-Ahly 30th minute .

With this, Al-Ahly will meet Bayern Munich on February 8 in the semi-final of the tournament, while Al-Duhail will meet with the Korean team Ulsan to determine the fifth and sixth places in the world championship..

The formation of Al-Ahly for the match came as follows: Muhammad Al-Shennawi in the goalkeeper, Muhammad Hani, Ayman Ashraf, Badr Banoun, Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Soulia, Hamdi Fathy, Taher Muhammad Taher, Muhammad Majdi Afsha, Hussein Al-Shahat and Walter Bwalia .

Al-Duhail played with formation, consisting of: Ali Saleh Zakaria, Muhammad Musa – Bassam Al-Rawi – Mahdi bin Attia – Ahmed Yasser Al-Muhammadi and Edmilson, Karim Boudiaf, Ali Karimi, Sultan Al-Barik, Olonga and Dudu


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