Witness: Ahmed Fahmy “I have a poverty complex”


The Egyptian actor Ahmed Fahmy revealed that he had not suffered from a psychological complex, and that he was behaving in a normal way, especially since he was living in a bad financial situation.

Fahmy revealed the details of his suffering with the difficult financial conditions, where he said: “I was born in a poor family, and I have 5 sisters daughters and two brothers from my father, and we were a large family and a father. One every year, and what happened when I was young did not have a knot when I became famous and remained a star with money, according to (my lady).

He added, “My only contract now is in boots. I am the most popular person in the world who loves to buy shoes, and I thought that I was trying to collect my money while I was young, so I would save another pair of shoes other than the one that my father brought me.”

He continued, saying, “For me, money is important in order to secure the future of my children, and they do not want them. They need no more.”

Fahmy revealed an unforgettable advice from his father, saying: “My father used to say, sit down, work from your heart until you have 45 years left, and if anything happens to you, you don’t work. Year”.

Ahmed Fahmy confirmed that he can describe himself as a smart, kind and nervous person at many times.

He pointed out that the period of the (Corona) pandemic made him live a stage of equilibrium and added: Before (Corona) I was a person who was hasty and took my decisions quickly without thinking and deliberation, and for now I remained very balanced.

He stressed that although he is influenced by those around him, he only trusts his opinions.


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