Wizzo reveals why she is overweight news


Actress Dina Wizzo spoke about her childhood and memories during school days, while she was a guest on the program “One of the People” presented by Amr Al-Laithi on the “Al-Hayat” channel.

The artist, Wizzo, said that she loved science in school, and her father was unable to carry it and called it “Shawwal”.

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Wizzo talked about obesity, saying: “My mother took vitamin medications and breastfed me for years, when I weaned they replaced natural milk with sweets, and I developed a hernia, and my mother spent two years caring for me, and I tried many types of diet and got out of high school 137 kilos.”

And she continued: The reason for my weight gain is due to diets, I start well and lose weight, but I do not continue and come back to gain more weight than before.

A curious reason is why “wizzo” and “aws” are called by that name

Regarding the love of wizzo for food and eating, she said: I love stuffed very much, duck and chicken, and pie with mush and spicy pepper, Umm Ali, and fatteh with banana.

It is noteworthy that Wizzo recently participated in the play “The Locanda”, which was shown at the Najeeb Al-Rihani Theater, with the participation of Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, Dina Mohsen, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Diab, Abram Samir, Maryam Al-Bahrawi, Yassin Samir, Mohamed Hassan, Amira Hafez, Sherif Hosni. Nourhan Mansour, and the play written by Karim Sami, Ahmed Abdel Wahab, and Dikour Muhammad Sami, and the songs are written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar.

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