Wuhan global health team: We got unprecedented information


Dr. Peter said داسزاكAnd it is part of the ongoing WHO mission, to Sky News: “We’re seeing new information and it’s good. It’s very valuable stuff that’s starting to help us look in the right directions for this.” Virus.”

Dr Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, a non-governmental organization, added that the field visits were providing valuable information – particularly the market sea ​​food at هوانانWhere the first cases appeared Corona Absolutely.

“We in the market look around on our own and ask questions, we meet market managers, with vendors who worked there and people from the community and ask them questions.

“We are talking to people who collect samples from the market floor and then the test result came back positive. This is the kind of information we get with the people who are really involved,” he added.

The World Health Organization mission arrived in Wuhan more than a year after the outbreak began there, after the organization complained about the delay in arrival. But Chinese scientists have been conducting their own research into the origin of COVID-19 in the meantime.

“There are very few clues that we find here and there in the wealth of data,” said Dr. Dazak.

“They share data with us that we’ve never seen before – no one has seen it before. They talk to us openly about every possible path. We’re really heading somewhere and I think every member of the team will say that.

“I think China is open and ready to work with us and we are witnessing that every day.”

The WHO team visited Wuhan Institute To virology on Wednesday, but no statements were made yet.

The researchers at the institute had dealt with corona viruses, but they rejected claims that the virus appeared as a result of the leak. Dr Dazak told Sky News that this possibility had not been ruled out.

“We are all aware of the hypotheses regarding the laboratory’s potential involvement in this, and we will certainly be asking questions about all key aspects of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“If there is data pointing to any hypothesis, we will follow the data, follow the evidence that leads us to it. And if it leads us to the seafood market and the cold chain, we will follow it there.

“If he leads us to a wildlife farm or a wildlife market, we will go there. If he leads us to a lab, we will go there. Everything is on the table and our minds are open.”

Dr. Daszak enjoys a long working relationship with the Institute ووهان Virologist and with researcher Xi Jingli there, but he rejected the suggestion that his connections to the laboratory would jeopardize his neutrality.

“My relationship with China, my work here, my contacts with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Xi Jingli are well known. They are really known because I spent 20 or 15 years publishing the data. I think that’s worth it.”

The mission of the World Health Organization is subject to strict control by China, with scientists being kept in isolation as part of the Corona prevention measures in the country.

Critics have questioned how controlled the investigation is – especially after scientists visited a propaganda museum detailing the battle of Wuhan against Corona on their second day.

Dr. Daszak defended the visit to the museum, which displays giant portraits of Chinese President Xi Jinping in its first hall.

“We are smart enough to read beyond the museum display,” he said.

And Dr Dazak was optimistic about finally finding the origin of COVID-19.

He said: “We will get there and at the end of this mission we will issue a report containing some indications of the most likely scenarios.”

But even if the original was discovered, the new variants of the virus mean that we will live with Corona forever, “according to Dasak.

“This is a virus that is transmitted to humans and then became endemic, and it will be with us forever .. But we will come to terms with that. We will have an effective vaccine and we will get an alternative to escape, and we will amend the vaccine.”


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