Yallakora dialogue .. Kasungu: shocked by the response of Zamalek officials


Kabungo Kasungu is a foreign professional brought by Zamalek in the summer of 2017 from the ranks of Al Ittihad of Alexandria after a distinguished season presented by the “head of the gap”, which made the White Castle officials at the time trying to get the Congolese goal.

Kasongo was among the important names in the ranks of Zamalek before the player left on loan to the Moroccan Wydad Casablanca team last season, but the African professional returned to the White Castle after he found difficulty with the Moroccan giant in terms of participation.

The 26-year-old returned to Zamalek in January 2020, where he was with the white team, whether during the coronation period of the Egyptian or African Super Cup, but the most important moment for Kasongo was through reaching the final match in the African Champions League before losing to Al-Ahly rivals one to two goals.

“Yallakora” contacted the former Zamalek striker to talk about his experience with the White Castle, the crisis of his entitlements, the trauma he suffered after the decision to leave, and a final message to the fans.

Here are the details of the dialogue as follows:

– In the beginning, how did you leave Zamalek?

I spent the best days of my life in Egypt, but in the end it is football and we have to accept what is happening.

– How do you feel after learning to leave the team?

Of course, I was sad because, for me, Zamalek is my home and not just a team I used to play with.

How did your relationship with Zamalek club end?

My relationship with Zamalek club will continue to exist even after my departure from the team, but I am shocked by the reaction of some officials in the club.

– Why are you shocked by officials in Zamalek club?

I am shocked by the Zamalek officials because all they asked me to do it in one letter for the sake of my love and my connection with the club and its fans, but I have not received my late dues yet.

– Did Zamalek club promise you to pay your dues after the contract is terminated?

Yes, I received many promises, and I have been in touch with them since January 15th and every time I am told a new date without real action.

Have you asked your agent to speak with the Zamalek club management for your dues?

And my agent communicates with them, but there is no solution from them yet, I consider myself one of the fans of the Zamalek club, and I will not do as the former foreign players did with the club’s complaint in FIFA, but I want my rights and my dues as the officials in the club promised me.

What message would you like to send to Zamalek officials?

As I told you, I love Zamalek, and I will not complain about the club, and I want them to do what they promised me and pay my dues with the club, as they tell me your dues will reach you tomorrow, and that did not happen.

Were you wronged by leaving Zamalek?

The issue will not be calculated in this way, but I was and still is associated with Zamalek club, and in the end this is football. You may leave your team at any time.

How did you move to the Turkish second division?

I received many offers during the last period, but I preferred to move to Polo Sport and I strive to show everything in the best possible way during the coming period.

Is it possible to return to the Egyptian League again next season?

I’m now all focused on my new team, and it is likely that anything will happen in the future.

Tell me about your memories with Zamalek club?

I have many memories of Zamalek club, in every match, training or tournament I remember every person I dealt with, it is my home and all of the people in the club are my friends.

Who is the player closest to you in Zamalek club?

Everyone is close to me and I communicate with most of the players so far, but Abdullah Jumaa is more close to my character.

What was the most difficult moment for you with Zamalek?

The most difficult moment was losing the African Champions League, I hoped to contribute to winning it and delighting the fans, but we were not successful in this match, after losing the final I was shocked for a long time because as a fan of the club before I would not be a player I was hoping to win the Cup.

Do you watch Zamalek matches yet?

Yes, I follow all the team’s matches and continuously support my colleagues in Zamalek.

– In the end .. send a message to the fans of the Zamalek club?

I am grateful to the great fans of Zamalek Club, for they are the best example of belonging. I love them with all my heart and thank them for all the support I found from them during my stay at the club and after my departure, I am now one of them. I wish success to Zamalek in all the upcoming matches and tournaments.


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