Your health in the cleanliness of your hands .. Know the harms of neglecting to wash hands


Doctors stressed the importance of hand hygiene and sterilization, especially after the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the need to continue to do so even after the end of this epidemic, to ensure safety and prevention of various diseases, as most bacteria and viruses enter the body through the mouth, and with repeated hand washing, you eliminate them and prevent their transmission to Mouth, lack of hand hygiene not only causes food poisoning or minor infections, but can also cause serious illnesses, especially in people with weak immunity, according to the website. onlymyhealth“.


Dr. Shruti Aria, consultant internal medicine at Columbia Hospital, explains when to wash hands, and the health risks associated with not maintaining hand hygiene.

Hand sterilization

When are hands sterilized?

Many people think that washing hands is only necessary after using the bathroom, but there are many other situations in which washing or sterilizing hands are required, as follows:

1- After blowing your nose or sneezing into your hands.

2- After touching the door handles and lifting the lighting buttons.

3- After using the car, the stairs, the motorway and all public transport.

4- After touching food packages from the outside.

5- Use the cleanser while removing the mask or when wearing it.

6- Before and after eating.

7- After touching foods such as raw meat, poultry products, or fish.

8- After dealing with garbage or touching contaminated surfaces such as garbage bins or when using a cloth for cleaning.

9- Before preparing or taking medications.

10- When caring for another sick person, including close contact with blood or body fluids such as vomit or saliva.

11- While treating the wound.

12- While using contact lenses.

13- When dealing with pets or their litter.

14- After using the bathroom (changing diapers or sanitary napkins, or helping another person when using the toilet).


What are the diseases caused by not washing hands?

1- Coronavirus infection, one of the most important reasons for the spread of this epidemic is neglecting to take care of hand hygiene.

2- Norovirus, which causes gastroenteritis and can infect people of all age groups, and is transmitted due to lack of hand hygiene after using the bathroom.

3- Respiratory diseases that are usually spread through droplets and when a person comes into contact with this droplet and forgets to wash his hands, and perhaps the most prominent respiratory infection resulting from poor hands hygiene is the common cold, influenza, chicken pox and meningitis.

4- Hepatitis A, a viral infection that can cause severe symptoms, including liver problems, jaundice, abdominal pain, fever and fatigue, which also results from poor hand hygiene.


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