“Your money will be spent in Dahab.” A jeweler seizes 30 million pounds from


12:32 AM

Thursday 04 February 2021

Qalyubia – Osama Alaa El Din:
The security services in Qalyubia are intensifying their efforts to arrest a “resting” in Qalioub, who seized the citizens’ money under the pretext of operating them in the gold trade.

The total sums seized amounted to nearly 30 million pounds, and he seized them and fled the country. The necessary records were released and the prosecution investigated.

Major General Fakhr Al-Arabi, Director of Qalyoubia Security, received a notification from the warden of the Qalyoub Center stating that he had received several reports from many citizens, numbering 40, accusing jewelers of seizing their money on the pretext of operating it in the gold trade.

A research team was formed by the leaders of Major General Hatem Al-Haddad, director of the investigations, and Brigadier General Khaled Al-Muhammadi, head of the directorate’s investigations. After a period of time, the victims were surprised that he did not pay them the profits, and they were surprised that he had sold the shop and the house and had accompanied his family and fled abroad.

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