Zamalek: Al-Mahalla lost to forget … and we closed the Ashimbong file


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, confirmed that within a few days, Zamalek will receive the money for Mustafa Mohamed, the Turkish Galatasaray player, indicating an end to the crisis of the former professional Benjamin Achimbong.

Ibrahim Abdullah said in statements on “On Time Sports 2”: “Losing the match of Ghazal El Mahalla” to forget “, you may lose a match in order to wake up in the future, there are no fines or deductions from the dues, we do not interfere in technical matters, certainly Pacheco will study mistakes, And we trust Ashraf Qasim and Abdel Halim Ali. ”

“The team won the last match by four, Zamalek are the league leaders, of course there is grief after the loss from Ghazl El Mahalla, but that loss must be forgotten, a harmful and beneficial lord.”

Zamalek lost its first match in the league this season 2-1 to Ghazl El Mahalla in the 11th round.

The Zamalek official added, “The Ashimbong file has been closed permanently. The player has authorized Nader Al-Sayed to resolve the matter with us. We will pay him $ 250,000, his previous dues in Zamalek, not the fine that exceeded one million dollars.”

Ashimbong had previously obtained a ruling fining Zamalek club one million and 250 thousand dollars, after he complained of not receiving his late dues at the White Castle.

And he continued, “Within days, we will get the money to loan Mustafa Muhammad from Galatasaray. The agreement is that the funds will be transferred 48 hours after the arrival of the international card.”

He concluded, “There is a penalty clause. If the funds are delayed 5 days after the 48 hours, we will get 500 thousand dollars as a fine, then 50 thousand dollars for each day of delay, but the Turkish club is committed to all matters without problems.”

Mustafa Mohamed scored his first goal with the Galata Saray shirt against Basaksehir in his first official appearance after moving on loan for a season and a half from Zamalek.


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