Zamalek believes itself by sending the Ichimbong reconciliation to FIFA


A source inside the Zamalek club revealed that the club’s management had sent the reconciliation, signed by the former Ghanaian agent Ashimbong, the former Zamalek player, to the Football Association and the International Federation “FIFA”, to secure his legal position after what was raised about differences between the player and his Egyptian agent about the validity of the power of attorney and the player’s refusal to reconcile with Zamalek.

The management of Zamalek had paid 250 thousand dollars to Achimbong agent for reconciliation after the arrival of the ruling of the International Sports Court to fine Zamalek one million and 250 thousand dollars, and the Zamalek administration sent official reconciliation to FIFA in order to secure its position for fear of the situation between the player and his agent in light of the presence of news about Achimbong suing his agent and his refusal to reconcile with Zamalek.

On the other hand, the Zamalek club management decided to postpone the payment of the dues for the players of the late football team, which was scheduled to be disbursed today, to next week, due to the non-arrival of Zamalek’s dues in the loan deal of Mustafa Muhammad to the Turkish Galatasaray team.

Tariq Hashish, the financial advisor to Zamalek, had held a meeting with the players during the past days and promised them to pay their late dues before February 5, but the late arrival of Zamalek’s dues at the Turkish club to the club’s account led to the delay in disbursing dues for the next week, which is what put the club’s management in A dilemma in front of the players waiting to pay their overdue dues today.

In a different context, the technical staff of the Zamalek team will hold a meeting today, Thursday, under the leadership of Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, before training, to discuss the conditions of the players and re-evaluate the team during the past matches..

The meeting today includes talks about the decline in the level of players such as Zizou, Bin Sharqi, Hazem Emam and Mahmoud Alaa, and trying to solve any problems that may affect the concentration of players, as well as the possibility of re-employing some players in centers that suffer from a shortage.

The Zamalek team lost to Ghazl El Mahalla in the 11th round of the league with a score of two goals to one goal, and the defeat froze the balance of Zamalek at point 23, temporarily occupying the top of the league, while Al Mahallas score rose to point 11 in the 10th place in the ranking table.


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