Zamalek in response to Saint-Etienne: Our decisions do not concern you


Zamalek club responded to the statements of the French president of Saint Etienne, Bernard Kitzu, regarding his surprise that the white club did not agree to sell its player, Mostafa Mohamed, to his French counterpart.

In statements to the official Zamalek channel, Essam Salem, the official spokesperson for the White Club, said: “The honorary president of Saint Etienne said today that he was surprised that Zamalek refused the offer to buy his club, Mustafa Mohamed.”

Salem added: “The issue of Zamalek approval or rejection of the offers made to Mustafa Mohamed is not a matter of Saint Etienne’s management. Mustafa Mohamed started his new career with Galata Saray, scoring a goal and happy with the experience.”

The president of the French club had said, “It is astonished that Zamalek refused our offer to buy Mustafa Mohamed for $ 5 million, and then they agreed to loan the player for only 2 million to Galatasaray.”

Salem indicated that the Zamalek bank account had already received an amount of $ 2 million from the Turkish Galata Saray club in exchange for the player’s loan, to respond to the president of the French club, who confirmed that his Turkish counterpart did not pay money quickly.

Salem concluded: “Saint Etienne is sad because he thought that he could buy Mustafa Muhammad for 5 million dollars and then sell him for double the amount or more after the player’s brilliance in the next Olympics.”


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