Zamalek: Pacheco will benefit from the deals against Al Ittihad


Essam Salem, the official spokesman for Zamalek club, confirmed that Jaime Pacheco, the technical director of the White Castle, will benefit from the new deals concluded by the team, in front of the Al Ittihad Alexandria team.

And Zamalek will meet his counterpart Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, next Sunday, in the twelfth week of the Egyptian WE League.

Salem said in statements to “Ontime Sports 2”: “There was a session between Pacheco, coach of Zamalek, and the players to close the Mahalla match, and Zamalek lost 5 points from teams that do not compete for the lead, with our respect for all teams.”

He added: “But this matter will benefit the team in the upcoming matches, and it is a coincidence that we won over Al Maqsas 4-1 and Al-Ittihad won over Al-Maqsas 4-0 and we will bring them together on Sunday, and the Al-Ittihad match will be strong.”

The Zamalek spokesman continued: “Ferjani Sassi did not care about the package he received, but his concern was the injured player from Mahalla, and he contacted Muhammad Sami, the Mahalla player and the doctor more than once to check on him, and he offered to bear the costs of his treatment.”

Essam Salem concluded his remarks: “Pacheco has entered new deals today at the training session to enter the atmosphere of Zamalek, and he has priority for the player who trained under his leadership, and Zamalek has a status other than other teams, and aims to introduce new players step by step, and he will be keen to benefit from them during the Al Ittihad match.”

It is worth noting that Zamalek contracted with Marwan Hamdy from the clearing Egypt, and Saif El Din Al Jaziri from the Arab Contractors, and Ayman Hefni retired from the team.


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