Zamalek suffers its first defeat in the league, losing 1/2 to Ghazl El Mahalla


Zamalek team failed to achieve a victory over its counterpart Ghazl El Mahalla in the match that was held today at El Mahalla Stadium in the 11th round of the League matches, where Zamalek advanced with a clean goal scored by Ferjani Sassi in the 69th minute of the match, and Abdo Yahya, the Mahalla player, tied in the 76th minute of Omar The match, Al-Akhmimi kidnapped the winning goal in the 95th minute

The defeat froze Zamalek’s balance at point 23 out of 10 games that temporarily occupies the top of the league, while Al Mahallas score rose to point 11 in the 10th place in the table.

Al-Mahalla players began the match with a pressing attack on Zamalek, hoping to kidnap a goal that would contribute to harvesting the match points and achieve a surprise, but the defense of Zamalek and behind them Muhammad Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, prevented the locality from achieving its goal.

Zamalek players regained control of the match and exchanged their players wasting easy opportunities, especially in front of Ashour and Ashraf bin Sharqi, and Mohamed Abdel Ghani, the Zamalek defender, suffered a severe injury that caused him to leave the stadium and undergo minor surgery after colliding with one of the common balls, to continue the negative tie after 30 minutes.

The performance of the players of the two teams calmed down with the arrival of the last quarter of an hour of the first half and explained that the Zamalek players were affected by the pitch and roughness they were exposed to from the Mahalla players, and the end of the half did not witness any signs of danger from the two teams, so the half ended in a negative tie.

The second half began with a pressure attack from Zamalek players hoping to score the winning goal, but the pitch and brilliance of the Mahalla defense prevented Zamalek from scoring goals, and Zamalek players wasted more than one opportunity.

On the other hand, the Ghazl El Mahalla team relied on counter-attacks, one of which almost entered Zamalek’s goal, which was shot by Islam Fouad, but Muhammad Abu Jabal’s right post prevents the goal so that the negative tie between the two teams continues after 60 minutes.

Pacheco switched off Osama Faisal instead of Hazem Imam, and returned Imam Ashour in the right-back position, and with the first attack led by Imam Ashour from the Yemeni front, he passes a cross to Ferjani Sassi, who puts it on the header to the left of the Mahalla goalkeeper, announcing that Zamalek advanced with a goal after 75 minutes.

The last quarter hour of the match witnessed exciting events after Al-Mahalla was tied in the 76th minute of the match through Yahya Abdo, Ferjani Sassi was sent off in the 86th minute of the match, after a violent intervention with the Mahalla defender, and Zamalek players tried to snatch the winning goal in the minutes. The last, however, the Mahalla defense shines through and maintains the only point that the home team snatched, and in the 95th minute, Mahalla snatched the three match points through Khaled Al-Akhmimi, to score the most important 3 points in the season.


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