Zamalek training … Pacheco session with the players


The Zamalek team continued its daily training at its stadium in Mit Oqba. In preparation for his next match against his counterpart Al-Ittihad, on Sunday in the 12th round of the League.

And Mohamed Osama, head of the medical device of the first football team at Zamalek Club, announced the negativity of the players ’medical swab to detect the Corona virus, before the Alexandria Federation meeting.

Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco, the team’s coach, was keen to hold a motivational and technical session with the players before the start of the current training session, in the presence of Abdel Halim Ali, the football director and all members of the coaching staff.

The coach spoke with the players about the next match, some technical points, and special roles, after which the coach conveyed to everyone full confidence in the capabilities and capabilities of the players to achieve the best results during the coming period.

At the end of the session, all the players spoke and emphasized that they would do the best in what was to come.

Mahmoud Abdel Rahim “Jansh”, Muhammad Abu Jabal, Muhammad Awwad, Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed, and Mr. Attia Khamasi, goalkeepers in the first football team of Zamalek Club, performed strong training on the sidelines of the training session currently held at the Abdul Latif Abu Rajila Stadium.

Amr Abdel Salam, the guards’ trainer, developed a rapid rehabilitation program for the guards at the start of their training in order to increase their physical fitness.

After that, Abd al-Salam trained al-Khumsi in special technical matters. They appeared in a strong form, and their performance won the salute of their coach.

The coaching staff divided the players into more than one group on the sidelines of the current training session, where the players performed vigorous qualifying training.

The coaching staff, led by Pacheco, was keen to raise the rate of physical performance, according to the program set and implemented in the exercises.

Abdel Halim Ali, the football director of the team, was keen to meet quickly with Ashraf bin Sharqi, Mohammed Abdul Ghani and Hamza Mathlouthi, on the sidelines of the current training session.

The meeting came to reassure them in light of the various injuries suffered by the trio.

The trio is performing a qualifying program at the club’s gymnasium, under the supervision of the medical apparatus, to prepare them for the upcoming period.

The team is preparing to face its counterpart Al Ittihad of Alexandria on Sunday in the twelfth round of the Premier League competition.

Mohamed Ashraf Rouqa, Mohamed Abdel Shafi and Ayman Hefni, players of the first football team at Zamalek Club, participated in rehabilitative training at the club’s gymnasium, on the sidelines of the training session.

This comes as part of the training and preparation program for the Zamalek trio, in preparation for returning to training during the coming period.

The technical staff of the team implemented some special technical matters on the sidelines of the training session under the supervision of Pacheco, the coach and Medhat Abdel Hadi, the general coach, by dividing the players into two groups that they trained on. After that, the players made a strong division in a part of the stadium supervised by Pacheco and Abdul Hadi; The high spirit, enthusiasm, and determination appeared on all the players during the division.

The division saw the readiness of the new players, Saif Al-Din Al-Jazeeri, and Marwan Hamdi, the newlyweds, as well as Shikabala and Hamid Haddad, who were good, in addition to all the players.

And everyone received praise and greetings from the entire technical staff, and the football director for their enthusiasm, focus and determination to provide the best during the coming period, starting with the association meeting on Sunday.


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