Zamalek: We adhere to the survival of Sassi despite Ashour’s brilliance, and we seek to secure the required amount


Issam Salem, the official spokesperson for Zamalek club, confirmed that White Castle officials aim to secure the amount agreed upon with Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of the team, during the coming hours to renew his contract.

Salem said, in statements to the “Zamalekawi” program on the Zamalek screen: You stick to Ferjani Sassi’s persistence to the greatest extent, because we know the extent of his artistic value and the love of Zamalek fans for him, and despite the brilliance of Imam Ashour, we are convinced that we need both players, we need youth and experience, and secure the amount. What is required to renew Ferjani will be the starting point for renewal, and matters are close.

He added: The team that competes for a championship deals with every match as a final, and Zamalek last season wasted many points against fewer teams, and we lost two points against Aswan this season, but we lead the competition by two points over Al-Ahly, and Al-Ahly is now in the Club World Cup and we are seeking to Use that to drive away.

He continued: The last 48 hours were decisive in Zamalek, both with regard to the deals that were completed and also the protocol that was concluded with the Ministry of Military Production, yesterday a protocol of cooperation between the two parties was signed, which means that the Ministry of Military Production, with its huge capabilities, will be in the service of Zamalek as it is. With all Egyptian clubs, this will be a great leap in the history of the club, and in a short time work will begin on this project.

And he continued: The time has come for expansions to accommodate all members who wish to join Zamalek, and this will be a great source of income for the club, and Zamalek is moving confidently towards broad horizons.

And he added: ending a deal like Marwan Hamdi in 48 hours after scoring a goal in Zamalek is an achievement, and we respected Marwan and Al-Jaziri’s contract with their clubs until the last moments, and we spoke with their clubs because Zamalek only enters through the official and big door.

He concluded: After giving Mustafa Mohamed the opportunity to become a professional, it was necessary to replace him with a striker and two because we face many challenges.


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