Zamalek: We are used to the second place like the last


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, confirmed that everything that is reported about the existence of conditions from Ferjani Sassi, the team’s player, to renew his contract is unfounded.

Abdullah indicated, in statements on Ontime Sports, that the current Zamalek administration has met all the requests of Jaime Pacheco, the team’s technical director, regarding contracts.

Abdullah said: “Sassi did not rebel on any day. The player has an excellent relationship with the administration, the technical staff, the players and the fans, and all that is said about conditions for him for renewal is unfounded.”

He concluded: “What we are used to in the Zamalek club is that second place for us is like the last, and therefore we have fulfilled all the wishes of Pacheco, whether with regard to the departed or the players who are required to contract with them.”


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