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Wednesday 24 March 2021

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Nashwa al-Deeb, a member of Parliament, said that the draft law on organizing domestic workers will preserve the rights of many workers in that field.

Al-Deeb added, in a special statement that she made to Masrawy, today, Wednesday, that the bill, which was approved by 60 deputies, is expected to be referred to the Manpower Committee; As the committee concerned with it during the next plenary session, confirming that the law addresses the problem of child labor in the home.

The deputy indicated that the law will allow the existence of a profession that is recorded in the digital number card in the name of a domestic worker. Especially as the law aims to preserve the right of domestic workers to health insurance and pension and improve their social conditions, pointing out that there are millions of domestic workers and there is no limit to their numbers.

Al-Deeb added that the main reason for the lack of an inventory of their numbers is related to their social outlook, and this is what drives them not to register their names in the Manpower Office, pointing out that 70% of the workers in that profession are women, and it is a profession that is no less than any other profession. Help out workers.

The deputy went on to say, “It was stipulated in the law that children under the age of 18 should not be employed, and that any labor office that employs children will be punished with a fine of 100,000 pounds.”

Representative Nashwa Al-Deeb confirmed that the bill includes 55 articles distributed into 6 chapters. It included the regulation of domestic workers affairs, such as conditions for granting licenses to employment offices, contract conditions from employers, domestic workers, offices, wages, working hours and vacations, age of employment, penalties, dispute resolution, labor inspections and penalties.

It is prohibited to employ domestic workers of both sexes under the age of 18 years, and the competent minister may make an exception from the age requirement, provided that the working hours in this case do not exceed 6 hours per day, and the work that can be performed without exposing the worker to danger or prejudice to human dignity is specified. In all cases, the age of the worker must not be less than 16 years.

The employer is prohibited from treating the domestic worker in humiliating treatment, and verbally, physically or sexually harassing him is prohibited, and it is not permissible for the domestic worker to engage in dangerous or harmful work or that degrades his human dignity. To the competent administrative authority within 10 days from the date of the infringement.

According to the draft law, the domestic worker is obligated to perform the work assigned to him in accordance with the provisions of the contract or agreement concluded with the employer, and the domestic worker must abide by the instructions and directives of the employer during work, protect the employer’s money and property, and not divulge secrets.

The bill specified the cases for determining whether a dispute had arisen between the employer and the worker; Either of them has the right to resort to the competent administrative authority according to the procedures indicated by the executive regulations. If the dispute is not settled within 21 days, the referral shall be made to the competent labor court, and the court shall decide the dispute quickly, and if a settlement of the dispute between the domestic worker and the employer is reached. A written contract is drawn up and a copy of it is placed in the worker’s file at the employment office.

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