13 mistakes stop making on WhatsApp now


WhatsApp is one of the most used chat platforms in the world, as it has a set of multiple advantages. From sharing status messages to group chats and calls, WhatsApp can accomplish a lot of things, but the problem with WhatsApp is that there is no concept for sending “friend requests” First, get permission before sending a message.

The fact that almost anyone and everyone in your phone’s contact list can find you on WhatsApp makes things a bit difficult and sometimes “risky”, and here are 15 mistakes that you should stop doing on WhatsApp now as follows:

Prevent others from accessing your WhatsApp account

Filter your contact list and delete phone numbers of people you are no longer in contact with.

– Stop revealing too much information in your profile picture

It is a good idea to keep a simple profile picture, make sure that your profile picture does not reveal much information about you and your family members, and group photos or pictures in front of your apartment or pictures that reveal your car registration number should be avoided.

This is important because your WhatsApp profile picture can be seen by anyone in your contact list, however, there are three options for privacy regarding who can see your profile picture: everyone (which means all WhatsApp users), destinations My Contact (the people on your contact list) and nobody (that’s as good as no picture added).

Use the “2-step verification” feature to secure your WhatsApp account

This will prevent you from falling victim to SIM swap fraud, and also, you will not allow others to set up your WhatsApp account on another phone by stealing OTP from you. WhatsApp account on another device without your knowledge.

Use Touch ID or Face ID security

WhatsApp also provides its users with the ability to add an additional layer of security to their accounts using Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone devices and Fingerprint lock for Android devices, and you can also specify whether you want WhatsApp to automatically close you from the application once the application is closed, or after periods. Different from inactivity, simply open WhatsApp settings, tap Account> Privacy> Lock Screen, turn on Requires Touch ID or Requires Face ID, then select the length of time WhatsApp can be on standby before Touch ID or Face ID Required.

Stop sharing Status messages with everyone

Status messages are private and should be shared with your friends and family, and certainly not with your employees, clients, or taxi drivers, so be sure to use the privacy settings correctly to filter unnecessary people from seeing your status messages.

Don’t allow everyone to add you to WhatsApp groups

There is an option to restrict who can add you to group messages, privacy settings are: Everyone (anyone on WhatsApp can add you to a group), My Contacts (only people in your contact list can add you to groups) and My Contacts Except (this option actually lets you decide who can add you to a group), and it’s always a good idea to not allow any random person to add you to any group chat.

Stop saving all WhatsApp media files to your phone’s gallery

This is another important setting that you should be wary of. Remember that all of these WhatsApp pictures use up your phone’s internal storage space when they are saved to Gallery, so, unless you explicitly want all of your silly Good Morning pictures to appear in your gallery, Disable this option in the settings menu.

Turn off automatic conversations backup to Google Drive or iCloud

WhatsApp chat backups saved in iCloud or Google Drive are not encrypted, therefore, if some chats are important and need to be saved, it is a good idea to export and save them securely elsewhere, and unnecessary backups for all WhatsApp conversations take up storage space and often Of little use.

Always avoid sharing porn … this could land you in prison

WhatsApp has strict policies against sharing pornographic content, and while you think that it is not harmful to share some adult clips or pictures, it is very risky, if someone reports your account to WhatsApp, WhatsApp may block your account and also file a complaint with the police according to Terms of use.

Don’t spread unverified news or rumors about sensitive topics

Also, do not spread hate messages on WhatsApp about sect, ethnicity, religion, etc. Like fake news, WhatsApp has strict policies against using its platform to promote hate. Avoid sharing such messages.

Never open a WhatsApp account in someone else’s name

Do not make the mistake of operating a WhatsApp account using someone else’s name, this qualifies as impersonation and is a crime.

Stop saving WhatsApp messages forever if you don’t need them

Every message has a specific time and there is no good reason to save all chats forever, as you can use the hidden messages feature to automatically clean WhatsApp conversations after every seven days.

Feel free to report messages as spam if you are annoyed with them

Other WhatsApp users who have your phone number can contact you, and in case you encounter unwanted messages or repeated texts, WhatsApp always advises users to block the sender and ignore the message and delete it.


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