14 teams qualified for the Nations Cup … a historic opportunity … and fiery confrontations


12:26 AM

Friday, March 26, 2021

Books – Muhammad Mustafa:

Fourteen teams qualified for the African Nations Cup in Cameroon next January, including 3 Arab teams, namely Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

The curtain falls on the fifth and penultimate round of the qualifiers, on Friday, with 6 matches, which may see the number of qualified teams reach 16, as the Moroccan national team is enough to draw against Mauritania to qualify officially, as well as the Côte d’Ivoire team, which is waiting for a confrontation against Niger, where the elephants suffice. Winning in order to ensure qualification without considering the last round, due to his superiority in direct confrontations against Madagascar.

The number may increase on Saturday in the Nigeria-Benin match, where the winner will qualify directly without waiting for the result of the last round, but in the event that it ends in a draw, with Sierra Leone winning against Lesotho, that group will wait for the last round to determine the two qualifying parties.

The qualified teams were as follows: Cameroon, the organizer of the tournament, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Gabon and Gambia, Egypt and Comoros, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea.

Twenty-one teams are still competing for the remaining ten seats, and they came according to the order of the groups as follows:

the second group:

And witnesses a competition between Uganda with 8 points, and Malawi with 7 points, to book the second card behind Burkina Faso.

Uganda will host the Malawi national team on Monday, in a crucial match to qualify for the Nations Cup.

Group III:

This group witnesses a strong competition between South Africa with 10 points, and Sudan with 9 points, for the second card behind Ghana.

The Sudanese national team will host its South African counterpart next Sunday in the decisive match, during which the children of the Nile need to win the match in order to qualify.

Group E:

The closest to qualifying from that group is the Moroccan national team, which will visit Mauritania on Friday evening.

And in the event of a victory or a tie, the Atlantic Lions will qualify directly without considering the last round.

The Mauritanian team will need to achieve a positive result against Morocco, to win against Central Africa in the last round, in the hope that Burundi will fall in its match against the Atlantic Lions.

Morocco 10 points, Mauritania 5 points, Burundi 4 points, and Central Africa 3 points

Group F:

That group that includes the tournament organizer, the Cameroonian national team, leads the group with 10 points.

The second place witnesses a three-point competition between Rwanda with 5 points, Cape Verde 4 points, and Mozambique 4 points.

And meet Cape Verde team in the fifth round against Cameroon on Friday.

In the first round, Cape Verde will be a guest against Mozambique, while Rwanda will go out to face Cameroon.

Group 9:

That group saw the Senegalese national team qualify with 12 points.

The Congo teams are competing with 7, and Guinea-Bissau with 3 for the second card.

The fifth and penultimate round will be held on Friday, with two matches against Congo, Senegal, and Eswatini against Guinea-Bissau.

In the event that Congo loses and Guinea-Bissau wins on Friday, the final round scheduled for Tuesday will witness a fiery confrontation to win the second seat against Guinea-Bissau against the Congo.

Group eleven:

All the teams in that group still have hopes of qualifying, as they are ranked as follows: Ethiopia 9, Côte d’Ivoire 7, Madagascar 7 and Niger 3

And the Ivorian national team meets Niger on Friday, where the elephants are enough to reach the point, taking advantage of their superiority against Madagascar in direct confrontations.

On Tuesday, the Cote d’Ivoire national team will meet Ethiopia and Madagascar against Niger.

Group Twelve:

Its ranking is as follows: Nigeria 8 points, Benin 7 points, Sierra Leone 3 points, and Lesotho 2 points.

The fifth round match will be held on Saturday, against Lesotho and Sierra Leone, and Benin against Nigeria.

The winner of the Benin-Nigeria match will guarantee qualification after the fifth round without waiting for the result of the final round, which witnesses Nigerias confrontation against Lesotho, and Benin against Sierra Leone.


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