18,000 people flee their homes due to spiders and snakes attacks due to the Australian flood – photos


The floods in southeastern Australia led to a second flood of spiders and snakes seeking shelter, due to the storms that have swept across the region continuously since Thursday, forcing about 18,000 residents to flee their homes, and creating a problem that may persist after bad weather.

Earth is covered with reflectors
Earth is covered with spiders

Dozens of pictures were posted on social media by residents, depicting large spiders and snakes defying the water to find themselves on the ground again.

Eleftherostypos reported in a press statement about a man who went through similar scenes in 2001 and 2013, when floods again pushed hundreds of spiders into his home.


He said: The surrounding trees are full of snakes, and if I take my boat off the fence, they will start climbing on it, trying to find themselves on dry ground, like spiders..

Bad weather is expected to continue in Australia and New South Wales State Governor Gladys Peretziklian predicts that more people will have to flee their homes..

She comments, “Having to deal with such harsh weather conditions, which are developing rapidly even in the midst of a pandemic, is unprecedented for our country.”“.


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