3 months preparations for Al-Saqqa teeth and Kohl Karara in “Nassal Al-Aghrab” | news


The appearance of the star Ahmed El Sakka with silver teeth, as well as the appearance of Amir Karara with “Kahl” in his eyes during the promo of the series “The Generation of Strangers”, sparked a case of controversy on social media, especially since all that was said about the story of the series is that it is about family conflicts in Upper Egypt.

The features of the heroes, the series’ decorations and the accessories seemed strange to the atmosphere of Upper Egypt, which was revealed by Khaled Abdel Aziz, the designer of the series, who confirmed that the costume preparations took about 3 months, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

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Abdul Aziz said that he presented 10 concepts of clothes and accessories for each character, until director Muhammad Sami settled on the final shape of the features of each character, including the use of silver teeth by Ahmed Al-Sakka.

He continued: The series this year is different from the works that I presented before, and even from the works of the Saidi character, as it is considered a mixture between the Saidi and Gypsy character and has an imaginary space for a period, environment and different personalities, which was reflected in the details of the characters, specifically the character presented by Amir Karara.

And about the use of kohl in the character of Ghufran al-Gharib embodied by Karara, the seriess stylist said: The character is the head of a gypsy family, and these characters have those features and characteristics, including wearing embroidered robes.

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