4 chronic diseases increase the chances of hospitalization for Corona patients


Most people develop mild symptoms from the Corona virus and can be treated at home, but for some patients, Corona can cause severe symptoms that require hospitalization and may lead to death, and there are some conditions that may make Corona patients more likely to enter the hospital, according to the “Times of Times” website. India “.

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What makes hospitalization due to Corona so scary?

Some people have a higher risk of contracting corona or developing severe symptoms, and some conditions and medical factors make a person more likely to be hospitalized after Corona, regardless of age.

More specifically, 4 cases or comorbidities were linked that caused the maximum complications associated with corona and hospitalization.

And more recent studies published in the Journal of the American Heart Association stated that these comorbidities also increased the risk of hospitalization.

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Can risk factors for corona be controlled?

While doctors indicate that prioritizing care and the need for those suffering from pre-existing diseases can save people from severe risks, the researchers participating in the study also noted that most hospital admissions could be easily avoided if comorbidities were effectively controlled or managed within a short period of time. 6-8 weeks with a high quality diet and lifestyle treatments.

An analysis of more than 5,000 patients from New York, USA and baseline rates of health cases showed that these four conditions are the most severe and include the following:


Diabetes It is one of the biggest diseases associated with the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, and while there are emerging reports indicating that fighting Corona can disturb glucose levels and lead to diabetes in people, uncontrolled diabetes puts people at great risk of contracting corona in hospital and increases The risk of death, too.

It has also been observed that people with diabetes have an exceptionally higher risk of developing strange symptoms of corona, such as Covid fingers and dermatitis.

It may also take a little longer than usual for diabetics to recover too. It can also invite other diseases and make it harder to fight the Coronavirus.


Obesity is not only a major health concern, but it greatly increases the risk of complications and severity associated with corona, and in a situation like morbid obesity, severe inflammation can lead to a delayed or deficient immune response.

Apart from that, obesity is also associated with many diseases and other health risks that can threaten and put an individual’s immunity at risk.

And some studies in the past year also noted that obese people have a greater susceptibility to exposure to a cytokine storm, which causes the body’s immune system to turn on itself since they also have a higher than normal level of immune-regulating proteins in the body, also known as cytokines. Which, in some cases, can force the immune system to misinterpret the signals and damage healthy cells and tissues.

Additional challenges may impede recovery in the hospital from challenges such as ventilator support, reduced lung capacity, insulin resistance and a high presence of receptors. ACE2Obesity and elevated BMI levels should be corrected in one go.


High blood pressure or unregulated blood pressure levels can again lead to bad comorbidity of corona, and preliminary results conducted during the past year of the epidemic indicated that people with high blood pressure are more likely to have worse symptoms or die from Corona.

Analysis of data from hospitals in the United States and China also noted that unmanaged blood pressure levels were a common disease, affecting between 30% and 50% of patients.

Poor blood pressure control not only makes a person vulnerable to weakened immunity, it may also increase the presence of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers (ACE).ARBs) In the body, which are enzymes that use the Corona virus to attach itself and attack the body.

These receptors and inhibitors, although naturally present, can also be increased by medications used to treat high blood pressure, placing patients at an increased risk of weakness and severity.

Cardiovascular problems

The heart is one of the organs most affected by the Coronavirus, according to a study published in JAMA CardiologyAbout 78% of recovered patients return to hospitals with heart disease.

And new evidence now indicates that heart problems can also affect those in the early days of the infection, even for those without obvious symptoms.

Doctors now also agree that Corona poses many risks for those affected by cardiovascular and heart disease.


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