4 foreigners at Musimani’s table to support Al-Ahly in the summer transfers


South African coach Pitso Musimini, technical director of Al-Ahly club, seeks to support the team with a strong foreign deal in the upcoming summer transfers, to continue achieving the championships and achievements the team achieved last season.

Al-Ahly succeeded in crowning the triple championship, the General League, the Egypt Cup and the African Champions League, in addition to achieving the third place and the bronze medal in the FIFA Club World Cup, and the local and African Super Matches are expected in front of Tale’i El-Geish and the Burkan Al-Maghribi Renaissance, respectively.

4 African players entered the circle of interest of Al-Ahly club officials after a request from South African Betso Musimane, who wants to sign a foreign player who is able to make the difference in Al-Ahly, which we will review in the next report ..

The contract file with the wages, Gaston Sereno, the South African Sun Downs wing, is still on the table of Al-Ahly officials to support the team in light of Musimani’s desire to contract with the player, which was confirmed by Adly Al-Qiai, Al-Ahly’s contracting advisor, in previous statements that Al-Ahly may approach joining the Sundowns wing again in Next summer after its annexation faltered in January.

On his part, Sereno posted a coded message on his Instagram account, saying: “Maybe not today or tomorrow, but sooner or later I will fulfill my dreams,” in reference to his desire to stick to moving to Al-Ahly.

Libyan Hamdou El Houni, player of the Tunisian Esperance team, entered the candidates’ circle to join the Al-Ahly club, during the coming period, in light of his brilliance with his team, which made him among the strong candidates for wearing the Al-Ahly shirt, and what increased speculation is his refusal to play for the Pyramids team, who revealed his desire to include the Tunisian player .

The current season witnessed the participation of Hamdy El Houni with the Tunisian Esperance team in 14 matches, divided into 9 confrontations in the Tunisian Professional League Championship, and 5 confrontations in the African Champions League, during which he scored 3 goals for his team, including two in the professional league, and one in the African championship, while making Two goals for his team.

Mozambican Luis Mikoysoni, the striker of the Tanzanian Simba team, and the owner of the goal of his team’s victory in the Al-Ahly African Champions League, entered the accounts of the red team, who began to follow the player well before discussing the steps of making an official offer to the Tanzanian club to join him in the next summer transfer period.

Mikoyisoni suffered from Musimani’s marginalization, during their time together at the Sun Downs, where he decided to loan him 4 times, but the level of the player this season, may make the coach change his convictions.

The 25-year-old is an easy deal for Al-Ahly officials, especially since the player’s value does not exceed 150,000 euros, unlike the prices of foreign players that the club bought in the coming years.

Congolese Jackson Molika, the Belgian striker, Anderlecht, has returned to the circle of Al-Ahly’s interests this period, in light of his compatriot Walter Bwalya away from scoring in the last Al-Ahly matches.

Molika flirted with Al-Ahly fans on Instagram, saying, “Happy New Year to all Al-Ahly fans who carry me in their hearts … I love you and I hope God bless you.”

It is noteworthy that Jackson Molika was welcome to move to Al-Ahly before the professionalism in the ranks of the Belgian Standard League, at the time of his presence in the Congolese ranks of Mazembe, and renewed interest in contracting with him in the last summer Mercato, before the Red Administration succeeded in contracting with Walter Bwalia.


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