4 important warnings from the weather forecast today to the citizens (details)


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The weather warnings came as follows:

You should not lighten the clothes and not wear summer clothes now.

Windows should be closed tightly.

It is preferred for patients with chest, allergies and sinuses not to go out in such an atmosphere.

Drive carefully on roads, especially highways, due to the low level of visibility.

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Weather Forecast Center at the Meteorological Authority, Director of the Weather Forecast Center at the Meteorological Authority, appealed to citizens to wear heavy clothes again today, Wednesday, and said that the temperatures will witness a decrease today approaching 8 to 10 degrees Celsius from what they were yesterday Tuesday, you must go to the street in heavy winter clothes not to catch a cold again.

Shaheen confirmed in a television interview, “The coming hours of today, Wednesday, will witness activity again in the movement of the winds, with the presence of sand and dust, which are currently in Salloum and Matrouh, stressing that after a few hours, they will reach Alexandria Governorate.”

Shaheen predicted actively in the movement of winds, exciting the dust, and it will advance to Lower Egypt and Cairo, beginning on Wednesday, and will end on Wednesday evening, and about the chances of rain, he stressed that there are chances of light rain falling on the governorates of Lower Egypt that will not affect the movement of daily life.

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