4 steps to inquire about traffic violations … and pay electronically (inquiry and payment link)


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Al-Masry Al-Youm provides the possibility to inquire about the value of traffic offenses, whether on the car license or the driving license, through the website directly to the Traffic Prosecution, where the number of the metal plates is determined, whether they are only numbers, which are the old metal plates, or by specifying the numbers and letters of the traffic licenses. They are the new panels.

The prosecution website allows the possibility of submitting a grievance regarding the size or value of traffic offenses on the license in the event that there is an exaggeration in the value of the violations, where an electronic grievance can be submitted to it, and a special number for the application is obtained with a mobile phone number identified, through which it is communicated and the grievance that has been submitted is followed up. .

The Egypt Digital Gate website also allows for the possibility of paying for traffic violations on the license electronically through the site through several means

4 steps for impeding the value of traffic fines on the car license:

1 – First, the Traffic Prosecution website is opened to inquire about the value of traffic license violations to access the site Press here .

2 – Choose the field for inquiries to start identification steps Traffic Violations I have to either drive a license or a car license.

3 – It is determined if you want to know the value of traffic violations for the driving license. You will enter on this link Press here .

4 – The vehicle data is determined by entering the car’s data from numbers and letters to find out the top of the traffic offenses due on this license.

Learn how to pay for traffic violations on the license:

By relying on electronic means, the state has provided many means to pay the value of traffic violations, whether on a driver’s license or a car license, to facilitate procedures and reduce the time for termination of services, as well as to exercise caution and reduce crowding with the Corona virus.

Where you can enter via Egypt digital portal And choosing the link for paying the fine, to enter the data for the license for which you want to pay the fine.

1 – The service for my vehicles is selected and accessed Press here .

2 – In the next step, the service for paying violations and obtaining a patent is required to be entered into Press here .

3 – The vehicle-specific data, which includes the vehicle number, the name of the owner, and the choice of the payment method, either through post offices or one of the electronic payment methods from Fawry, B, or Masary, is entered.

We offer there the fines in which the car’s license is withdrawn, as the period is calculated according to the size of the violation, as specified by the law in detail.

The new Traffic Law has defined traffic offenses in which car licenses are withdrawn, and the period for which the license remains withdrawn, along with the fine, which varies according to the offense committed by the driver, so the penalty for revoking licenses starts from a month and reaches 3 years.

What are the traffic offenses in which the car’s license is revoked in the new traffic law?

1- The driver’s use of high-beam lights in a manner contrary to what is prescribed for their use.

2- Violation of the taxi’s itinerary, the route specified for it by a decision of the governor.

3- There is a defect in the taxi meter.

4- In the event of a violation of the taxi driving outside the governorate in which it is licensed without obtaining a permit from the competent traffic.

5- The vehicle does not meet the security conditions.

6- Allowing the presence of passengers on the outside of the car parts.

7- Parking the car at night on unlit roads without lighting its lights.

8- Using the car in private processions and gatherings without obtaining a permit from the competent authorities.

9- The car does not have a light-reflecting triangle.

In the same law 75 also “shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 months and a fine of not less than three hundred pounds and not exceeding one thousand five hundred pounds, or one of these two penalties for the following traffic offenses:

1- Driving the car when the electronic sticker has not been placed and tampering with it, with the aim of revoking its validity.

2- Driving the vehicle at speeds above the prescribed maximum road limit.

3- Not to put transport cars for their assigned metal plates or to use plates for another car.

4- Imprisonment is also the case for the driver when driving the vehicle without a brake.

5- Imprisonment penalty shall also be applied in the event that incorrect vehicle information is proven in the requests specified by the law.

6- Imprisonment in the event that the driver of the vehicle intends to disrupt traffic in the streets or roads.

7- The driver will be imprisoned in the event of changing the vehicle data or the color of the metal plates specified for it.

8- The car driver dismantles his car’s hook without referring to the responsible official.

9- Imprisonment for failure to comply with procedures for licensing a vehicle in establishing a private driving school.

10- Imprisonment for assaulting a driver of a security member while performing his duties.

11Imprisonment if the driver of the car committed an indecent act.

12– Driving the car at night without using the lights behind, and headlights.

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