42 players await determination of the fate in Zamalek, by a decision by Carteron


42 players in the junior sector of Zamalek club are expecting to determine their fate during the next few period, after the cancellation of their competitions, and therefore the club is required to conclude new contracts for these players if there is a desire to continue them.

These players have contracts with Zamalek, but any player that Zamalek wishes to continue with must be registered in the list of the first team in the new season, and therefore a large number of these players will leave because it is not possible to register all the names.

The final decision to settle the fate of these players will be in the hands of French Patrice Carteron, the technical director of the first team, as all players will be presented to him to choose the best among them to be registered in the list of the first team and the departure of the rest of the players.

For his part, a contract Carteron A session with Tariq Yahya, head of the football sectors of the Zamalek club, and Bader Hamed, director of the youth sector, to discuss some matters related to the plan that will take place during the coming period between the youth sector and the first team, and take advantage of the distinguished elements of the players to be The nucleus of the first team in the future.

Tariq Yahya revealed to “The Seventh Day” the scenes of the session held with the French Khawaja, stressing that it was agreed to form a team that will be called “Team Hope”. Osama Nabih Zamalek general coach is tasked with supervising this team, which will go through its training two or three days a week under a specialized technical apparatus that will be formed later.


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