5 information about the first giant moon that will appear in the Earth’s sky on Sunday


The first giant moon of the year will appear visible in the year, called the worm moon, in the night sky on Sunday, and this moon will continue to appear until Tuesday morning, according to NASA, and here we give you 5 important information and details about this moon, how to watch it better and why Its name, according to what was reported by the British “Daily Mail” newspaper:

1- The name of the moon refers to the earthworms that begin to appear in the month of March, when the soil begins to warm up, and the numbers of birds appear in the beginning of spring.

2- The best time to photograph the moon is when it first appears, astronomers suggest that when the moon is low on the horizon, the atmosphere makes it appear larger, due to the optical illusion that makes it appear larger due to its relative size compared to the buildings, trees and other things in the foreground.

3- The giant moon occurs when the full moon roughly coincides with the perihelion point, which is the point in the moon’s orbit at which it is closest to the Earth.

4- The giant moon can appear 14% larger at perigee and 30% brighter than usual when viewed from Earth, depending on the time of year.

5- The names of the full moon have historically been used to trace the seasons by various Native American tribes and are thus closely related to nature.


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