5 major projects that contribute to the self-sufficiency of petroleum products “gasoline and diesel” 2023 … Know them


The strategy of the Ministry of Petroleum in the refining sector aims to continue to increase the production of petroleum products locally, reduce the import bill, sustain the provision of petroleum products to the local market, which has witnessed a clear stability, and contribute to the realization of the national project to make Egypt a regional center for trading and storing oil and gas, and achieving self-sufficiency of products. Petroleum “gasoline and diesel” by the year 2023, and the following are the most important projects that contribute to achieving self-sufficiency in gasoline and diesel, which are as follows ..

1 – The Midor refinery expansion project in Alexandria at a cost of $ 2.3 billion, which aims to increase the refinery’s current refining capacity by 60%.

2 – Gasoline production unit project in ANARPC company in Alexandria.

3 – Gasoline and diesel production complex at the Egyptian Refinery in Mostorod.

4 – The high-octane gasoline production complex at the Assiut Petroleum Refinery.

5 – The diesel production complex under construction for the Assiut National Petroleum Manufacturing Company (Anopec).


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