5 players knock on the door to return to Castle White again on the orders of Carteron


Close to 5 players to return to the club Zamalek Next season, after the end of their loan to their clubs, after they won the admiration of the Frenchman Patrice Carretron Technical Director For the White Castle.

More than one player succeeded in regaining his previous level after leaving Zamalek for one of the clubs in the league, after he was confined to the reserve bench with the Portuguese Jimmy Pacheco, the former coach of Zamalek, or in search of the opportunity to participate in the hope of joining the team.

Zamalek officials have decided to return 5 players to the team next season, which we will review in the next report ..

Mustafa Fathy

Mustafa Fathy, the wing of the Zamalek team loaned to Smouha Club, is the first player who guaranteed a return to the White Castle, especially after he appeared at a distinguished level since his departure last January, and Mustafa Fathy scored 5 goals with Smouha this season, during his participation in 8 matches in the League and the Egypt Cup.

Omar Al-Saeed

The technical staff of the Zamalek team is studying the return of Omar Saeed, the striker of the loaned team to El Gouna, after the levels provided by the player since his loan in January, after following up the player in the next matches to assess his level, especially after he scored 5 goals in the league competition since his loan.

Mohamed Onajem

Carteron was surprised by the departure of Moroccan Mohamed Onajem to the Moroccan club Wydad, especially as he was an important element in the formation of Zamalek last season under his leadership, before he was loaned last January..

Moroccan Onajem succeeded in leading Wydad during the African Champions League matches and secured qualification. Carteron prefers Onajem to return next season, especially if he is able to employ the player..

Razak Cisse

The Ivorian Razzaq Cisse, Zamalek striker loaned to Al Ittihad Club of Alexandria, continued his brilliance with the Sayed Al Balad team and became close to returning to the team next season, especially after he succeeded in scoring 5 goals with the leader of the gap in the matches he fought in the Premier League competition..

Mohamed Sobhi

The Zamalek coach has settled on the return of Mohamed Sobhy, the goalkeeper of the loaned team to Ittihad next season, especially after his appearance at a distinguished level, and the intention is to sell the team’s third goalkeeper, Mohamed Awad, at the end of the current season.


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