5 things to consider before purchasing a domain name for your website


If you are starting a business, launching a website, or publishing a blog, then you may need your own domain, owning your own domain makes it easy for people to find you, it makes you look more professional and credible, and it gives you the opportunity to get a mail address. Email based on your custom domain instead of having a free Gmail account.

What is the domain name?

Your domain makes it easy to find your website, it is part of the URL that points to the website address itself, which people type in the address bar of the browser to go there, the domain is an easy-to-use representation in English of the site’s IP address, and when someone enters URL In a web browser, the browser searches for the IP address using a tool called a domain name server (DNS), and DNS is like a phone book that every web browser uses.

5 things to pay attention to when buying a domain

Beware of fees: While domains are often inexpensive, web hosting companies and registrars sometimes add large fees to increase the cost, but some are valuable, for example, you can pay a small fee to protect privacy to hide your personal information, but it is better to find At a registrar that provides privacy protection free of charge, you should carefully review your invoice before making a purchase to ensure that you are not paying for unnecessary features.

• Make sure you know the renewal fees. If you get the first year at a big discount, make sure that later years will not display high domain renewal fees.

Avoid purchasing multiple similar domain names. Web hosting companies sometimes suggest purchasing multiple forms of the same domain with different extensions in order to redirect them all to one URL. Although it is a good idea in principle, it is rarely necessary and potentially a waste of money. .

• Do not only work with registrars who want to sell. Your registrar’s support team should be able to honestly handle your technical support issues and solve yours.

Ensure that your domain can be transferred. It is common to need to transfer your domain to a different registrar, so make sure that the registrar you are about to work with makes this process easy. Ask about the process or check online help files for details. It was too complicated, or if the company was charging to do so, look elsewhere.


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