5 ways to help sinus patients cope with a dust storm


Sinus patients are among the groups that may be affected by the dust storm, so they have to familiarize themselves with many home remedies that relieve symptoms and speed up recovery..

Wolfa Lucker Expected webmed paranasal sinuses Lined with a type of skin called the mucosa, this membrane protects the body by producing mucus that picks up dirt and other particles that may cause disease..

The lining of the sinuses can swell if a person has an allergic reaction or infection.The swelling may cause a feeling of pressure around the nose, cheeks, and above the eyes.Cleaning the nose can help relieve these symptoms..

Natural alternatives to medication to relieve sinus symptoms

Saline nasal sprays: Saline nasal sprays are a common treatment for sinus pressure and can be made at home. Saline inhalation can help clear a blocked nose.

The brine can be easily prepared at home using sterile water, salt, and baking soda.

Combine the following ingredients:

A quarter of a liter of clean water

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda

Sniff this in the nose from the palms of the hands, one nostril at a time.

Alternately, use a clean, dry spray bottle. Gently insert the nozzle into the nostril and spray it into the solution. Repeat two to three times a day.

Steam inhalation: Using steam to open the nasal passages can help relieve sinus pressure, it is easy to inhale steam at home, boil water and pour it into a large bowl and leave it so that the face is directly above the water Cover the head with a towel, and breathe through the nose.

Drinking lots of fluids: Keeping the mucous membranes in the sinuses moist by drinking plenty of fluids helps them work properly. Water, fruit juices, and herbal teas are good alternatives to tea and coffee..

Squeeze a warm towel: Applying heat to the sinus area can also help relieve pressure. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a warm towel. Place a clean cloth under reasonably hot water and wring it out. Fold it and place it on the bridge of the nose and cheeks for a few minutes..

Essential oils: Menthol oil helps open the nasal passages, and essential oils are natural oils derived from plants The American Sinus Institute recommends using some essential oils to relieve sinus pressure, as the menthol creates the sensation that the nasal passages open, add a few drops of the oil to the hot water Inhale the steam gently through the nose.

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