683,000 women were examined as part of the “Maternal and Fetal Health Care” initiative


The Ministry of Health and Population announced that 683,000 women have been examined as part of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s initiative to “take care of the health of the mother and the fetus” for early detection of disease transmitted from mother to fetus, and the provision of free treatment and health care under the slogan “100 million health”, since its launch in March of this year. Past 2020 until today, Wednesday.

The Ministry affirmed the continuation of work on all presidential initiatives under the slogan of “100 million health” while taking all preventive and precautionary measures, in light of the state’s confrontation with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), stressing the need for those who hesitate to commit to the initiatives to wear a mask, wash hands with soap and water or rub them With alcohol before and after providing medical services to them, as well as the need to take into account social distancing among citizens.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Information and Awareness and the official spokesperson for the ministry, stated that the initiative aims to early detection of infection with “B” virus, HIV and syphilis for pregnant women, in addition to reducing maternal deaths resulting from these diseases. The initiative also includes follow-up. The condition of the mother and the newborn for a period of 42 days after the end of pregnancy to discover the risk factors for the mother or the newborn, and to take appropriate measures in addition to dispensing the necessary micronutrients during the postpartum period.

Mujahid said that the services of the initiative are provided in all health units and medical centers, pointing out that the centers designated for referral to (B) and HIV have been reviewed, as the best quality standards were chosen to become 90 centers nationwide, in addition to 163 centers. To refer patients with syphilis nationwide, and cases with high blood sugar or other risk factors detected in them are transferred to complete the evaluation and treatment in 303 hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

He pointed out that more than 4000 medical teams participate in the initiative, who have been trained on how to use devices for early detection of infection with HIV, HIV, and syphilis for pregnant women, and perform blood sugar analyzes and physical measurements, in addition to training them on how to deal with beneficiaries. The follow-up card was completed and the data entered, indicating that the medical teams, devices and supplies that must be available were distributed according to the number of pregnant women in each unit, and that work continues throughout the official working days from 8 in the morning until two in the afternoon.

Mujahid pointed out that the initiative guarantees the confidentiality of analyzes, and proper testing by selecting reagents with international quality standards, as well as advice to prevent diseases, and requires approval and the lady’s demand for service, stressing that the initiative is sustainable within the services of health units and mother and child centers, within the framework of activating and improving the quality of services. The routine provided by maternal and child care includes a clinical examination to assess the general condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus, the detection of risk factors that may accompany pregnancy, the vaccination against tetanus, the measurement of height, weight, and blood pressure, and the various analyzes necessary to detect anemia, or to determine the mother’s need for an injection Anti-D after birth or not, in addition to a complete urine analysis to detect albumin, urinary system diseases, and the necessary micronutrients are dispensed during pregnancy.

Mujahid stated that an integrated database for the survey had been established and linked to the health facilities participating in the initiative to facilitate the follow-up of the beneficiary woman and transfer her to the nearest center to receive the necessary treatment according to her condition, pointing out that an evaluation date for the beneficiaries to conduct advanced examinations could be inquired through the “100 million initiative” website. Sehha, or through the “Egypt Health” app, in addition to receiving inquiries through the hotline “15335”.


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