7 teams officially qualify for the next African Nations Cup tournament … Get to know them


The number of officially qualified finalists has reached the championship African Nations Cup The next one that will be held in Cameroon, January 2022, after being postponed due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus, to 7 teams, including two Arab teams that included participation in the next edition, Algeria and Tunisia, the last of which was Burkina Faso and Guinea, after the end of Thursday’s matches that were held in the qualifiers for Kan.

Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso

The qualifying teams for the African Nations Cup are: “Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal,” where 5 teams qualified to participate in the next continental tournament, while Burkina Faso and Guinea settled today after the end of Thursday’s matches.

Guinea national team
Guinea national team

Mali and Guinea qualified for the first group, where the first one took the lead so far with 13 points, and the second won 11, and the first group is the only qualified team that has been decided by them, while the rest of the groups have not been fully resolved.

In the second group, the decision was not made, and there is a struggle between two teams, Uganda and Mali, after Burkina Faso decided to qualify with 9 points, and the third group came on fire, and none of the qualifying teams, Ghana, South Africa and Sudan, each had 9 points.

The same thing happened in Group D, in which the Gambia and Gabon teams both fight 7 points, and the Republic of the Congo 6 points, and Morocco came close to reaching the African nations with 10 points in Group E, followed by Mauritania 5 points, and Burundi 4 only.

In Group Six, Cameroon, the host country, qualified it with 10 points, and Rwanda and Mozambique are fighting for the second seat.

ويحتاج First national team Draw or win over Kenya to settle the qualification, as he has 8 points equally with the Comoros, both of which are the closest to qualifying from Group G.

Algeria has qualified for the Group H tournament with 10 points, while Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia are looking for a second qualifying card.

Senegal also decided to qualify with 12 points, followed by the closest Congo with a total of 4 points, in addition to 3 points, unlike E Swatini with one point and missed out on success in qualifying for the ninth group.

And it included Tunisia Qualify for Group X with 10 points, while Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania wrestle for a second qualifying card.

In Group Eleven, a seat has not been decided, as Ethiopia wrestles 9 points, Cote d’Ivoire and Madagascar 7 points.

Nigeria is also looking to qualify with 8 points and has two matches, behind which is Benin 7 points, and Sierra Leone only 3, for the first group.


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