7 urgent decisions of the Council of Ministers, including bonuses for employees


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The cabinet meeting, headed by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, just ended, and resulted in a number of important decisions.

1. The Council of Ministers approved the Prime Minister’s draft decision to approve a minimum periodical bonus for those addressing the civil service law, at a rate of 75 pounds per month, without a maximum limit for the amount of the bonus, which is calculated according to the job wage on June 30, 2021.

It was also approved to approve a special allowance for workers in the state who are not addressed by the civil service law, starting from the first of July 2021, estimated at 13% of the basic wage for each of them on June 30, 2021, or at the date of appointment for those appointed after this date with a minimum of EGP 75 per month. Consistent with what is prescribed for those addressing the civil service law, and without a maximum as well.

It was also approved to increase the additional incentive on a monthly basis, starting from July 1, 2021, with cut financial categories, by 175 pounds for the fourth financial degrees and below, 225 pounds for the third financial degree, 275 pounds for the second financial degree, and 325 pounds for the first financial degree, and EGP 350 for the grade of a general manager / senior, and 375 pounds for the high class, and 400 pounds for the first financial degree, or the equivalent of all of them, and whoever is appointed from among the employees or workers after this date benefits from this incentive, and this incentive is considered part of the complementary wage or wage The variable for each of them, according to the circumstances, pursuant to the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, regarding the state budget for the fiscal year 2021/2022, in an effort to improve the wages of workers in the administrative apparatus.

2. The Council of Ministers approved the Prime Minister’s draft decision approving the amendment of Article (6) of the executive regulations of the Universities Law promulgated by Law No. 49 of 1972.

The amendment stipulated that the Supreme Council of Universities would form specialized scientific committees to look into the equivalence of academic degrees to examine the scientific content of university degrees and diplomas granted by universities and institutes that are not subject to the Universities Organization Law promulgated by Law No. 49 of 1972, and to recommend equating those degrees with the degrees awarded by universities subject to the provisions This law when you fulfill the requirements of the equation.

The Supreme Council of Universities sets the conditions and other additional controls to ensure the academic qualification of the degree holder from one of the foreign universities or institutes that it specifies, and the recommendations of these committees are only effective after approval by the Council.

3. The Cabinet approved the Prime Minister’s draft decision to issue the executive regulations for the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Development Law promulgated by Law No. 152 of 2020, which includes all the details related to the licenses to start these projects, the required requirements, and the categories of fees that are collected for issuing licenses and approvals. And the permits are for the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Development Authority.

The executive regulations also dealt with the rules governing facilitating the availability of financing for these projects, the method for performing stalled projects for the dues of the public treasury, the state plan for concessional financing, reconciling the status of medium, small and micro enterprises operating in the informal economy, as well as determining tax and non-tax incentives for projects, and the foundations of Tax treatment, and incentives established for companies and enterprises supporting small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurship.

4. The Council of Ministers approved, in principle, the request of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in accordance with the cooperation protocol signed with its Tanzanian counterpart, regarding a contract with I Friends Sport, for the company to undertake the establishment, management and operation of youth sports centers in African countries, beginning in the state of Tanzania at its expense. A framework for strengthening relations between Egypt and the countries of the African continent in the field of sports. The contract stipulates that the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports will obtain the right to use some Tanzanian lands to establish these centers, with their management and operation, with the aim of providing distinctive sports and community services to the Tanzanian side, in cooperation with I Friends Sport in light of the experiences it has in managing and operating sports entities.

5. The Cabinet reviewed the report of the committee formed by Prime Minister Decree No. 3271 of 2020 to regulate unlicensed nurseries at the level of the Republic, within the framework of preparing a plan to organize the work of these nurseries and legalize their conditions by granting temporary licenses for them, in an effort to achieve the interest of children. The report included clear criteria that will be observed upon licensing these nurseries, including educational performance and safety requirements for children, in addition to specifying supportive benefits and exemptions controls, and adding nursery activities to be among the activities that benefit from non-tax incentives and all the benefits included in the Medium, Small and Finish Enterprise Development Law. Childhood, as well as designing a general framework for capacity building, training of cadres, and positive education to raise families’ awareness of proper parenting methods.

6. The Cabinet has taken several decisions related to providing strategic commodities, reducing the food gap, and reducing the import bill. The procedures for implementing the contract farming system on soybean and sunflower crops have been approved, and a clear mechanism has been defined for the necessary operational steps in this regard. Determining the places of contracting for crops, so that the governorates of Minya, Sohag, Beni Suef, Assiut, Dakahlia, and Gharbia for soybean crops, and the governorates of Fayoum, New Valley, Giza, and new lands in Farafra, Toshka, and East Owainat, for the harvest of sunflower, as agreed Provided that the central administration for seed production takes over the task of providing seeds to farmers for both soybean and sunflower crops, implementation mechanisms and controls have been defined and contracting requirements between the various parties to this system, and the target area is 250 thousand acres of soybeans and 100 thousand acres of sunflowers. The price of supplying a ton of soybeans is 8 thousand pounds, and the price of supplying a ton of sunflower is 8500 pounds, and the GASC will bear the cost of transportation from the land to the factory.

The council also agreed to set the price for supplying local wheat ardeb for the 2021 season, to be 725 pounds for ardeb, with a cleanness of 23.5 carats, an increase of 25 pounds compared to last year, and at 715 pounds for ardab, a degree of cleanliness of 23 carats, and 705 pounds for ardeb, a degree of cleanliness of 22.5 carats.

7. The Council of Ministers approved the amendment of the name of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries at the Future University, to be the “Faculty of Pharmacy”, in line with the relevant international standards, in order to enable Egyptian universities to make greater progress in international rankings.

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