8 things to keep in mind while using Google search engine


Whenever we need some information, we simply rely on Google search, whether it is addresses, websites, forms, movies, or anything, Google search has been one of our best friends on the Internet, however, simply relying on Google search may get you into trouble in Sometimes, this is because the information you find on Google does not belong to it and is largely unverified.

Fraudsters have found a way to take advantage of this by improving search results for fake websites, contact details, or addresses, and also, sometimes you may be misled when it comes to medical or professional advice, while verifying the authenticity of the content on Google is difficult because Google search is Just an online platform where you find websites that provide you with the information you need.

Also, SEO skills play a big role behind the results you get on Google search, and unfortunately, fraudsters are taking the initiative slowly in this matter, so here are 8 things you need to be very careful about while searching on Google, as follows according to the Indian site TOI:

Be careful when searching for customer service contact numbers on Google

This is one of the most common online scams, with fraudsters posting fake business listings and customer service numbers on websites to make gullible people think that these are original customer service numbers to deceive them.Most apps have built-in chat windows for customer service and don’t even have a contact number. You can call him.

Always check the URL when searching for websites

It is highly recommended that you do not perform a Google search to find the internet banking website for your bank unless you know the exact official URL, because fraudsters can post fake online banking sites to browse your login details, and always enter the official URL. For your bank’s online banking portal to access the site to stay safe.

Do not search for apps and programs on Google to download them

Avoid searching for applications, programs, or other files on Google, always search for applications in the official application stores such as Google Play for Android and the App Store for iPhone devices, because Google is full of links to malicious programs and applications.

Always consult your doctor first before searching for medications and medical symptoms on Google

If you are sick, go to the doctor, it is clear that Google is not a place to search for medicines or health advice, and it is highly recommended that you do not skip the doctor and rely on Google search information to identify the disease during your illness, and also, it is dangerous to buy medicines based on the information you find on Google .

Do not blindly believe the medical or nutritional advice you find by searching on Google

Every human body is unique and works differently, therefore, do not take advice on weight loss or other nutritional advice from Google, and if you want to change your diet, go to a nutritionist, if you want to lose weight, consult a doctor first and then proceed. .

Don’t believe in personal finances, and stock market advice, which you can find by searching on Google

Like health, personal finance is unique to everyone, there cannot be a single investment plan that makes everyone wealthy, so avoid taking advice from Google search results while investing.

Always check the government website URL when searching on Google

Like banking websites, government sites like municipal tax, hospitals, etc. are prime targets for scammers, and since the original website is difficult to locate, always choose to visit any particular government website directly instead of searching for it on Google.

Avoid searching for coupons and e-commerce site offers on Google

Fake webpages of so-called offers on e-commerce sites have flooded Google searches, this is another classic scam in which people are lured with tempting deals to click on malicious websites to steal their online banking login details.


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